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jaMME 1.6 released


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Hello, everyone.

New jaMME 1.6: http://jkhub.org/files/file/1712-jamme/




- set new default -1 for fx_disruptTime that sets correct default lifetimes for primary and alt disruptor rays

- set back original randomizer functions for the electricity surface to make it look naturally
- fixed crash in the renderer initialization if r_dynamicGlow was set to anything but 0 or 1
- simplified sound system and made sound opening logic same as in q3mme
- fixed rotating thrown saber if demo is paused or its speed 0
- fixed sharply rotating objects (mainly thrown sabers) due to null trajectory time
- added smooth interpolation for movers
- offset position of active powers to right to not let it cross with the HUD
- added support for the new colour table in UAG demos
- fixed wrong positions of lagometer elements on the screen
- fixed wrong counting of TR_NONLINEAR_STOP trajectory
- fixed crazy view shake after rewinding (default view vibration)
- fixed blinking pickable item cone effect
- added tips on the loading screen
- fixed game crash in force selection
- added enhanced weather system from Nerevar's Cam Mod
- fixed a bug that caused scrolling the console with mouse wheel when it is minimized in main menu
- fixed typo in clientOverride helper
- fixed files precaching: now it precaches sounds and does not require demo reconverting

New cvars:
- cg_UAGColours
New commands:
- sun
- rain
Information about all cvars and commands can be found in cvars.txt and cmds.txt files that are placed in mme folder.
The main feature of this release is new weather system from a jk2 @Nerevar's mod Cam Mod. It's sun and rain.
Sun looks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rf2rvhargyfrl2a/sunsun.mp4 [VIDEO]. I added new features to this which lets you control sun size and position. Type "/sun" to see what you can do with that.
Rain looks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmj9k9t8eck8foz/hardRain.000.mp4 [VIDEO]. I enhanced it a bit and now you can change rain intensity and its range. It also plays rain sound on background (thanks to @Boothand for making sounds endlessly looping). There are 3 different ones which depend on rain intencity. To activate or deactivate it just type "/rain a". Or type "/rain" to see all commands.
WARNING: the feature eats too much FPS if rain intensity is very high.


Rest is just mostly fixes.


Enjoy the mod.




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