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[Texture Mod] FFA3 Re-Textured Tatooine Theme v1.0

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Yeh, well since many peoples likes/and it's one of the most used maps in JKA, I decided to make some kind of Texture Mod. (Clientside of course)


WIP Photo Gallery: http://pho.to/5MalB


At the moment, most of the textures is from Pande's Spaceport map, so I am not releasing it yet unless Pande gives me permissions to use it

( Yes I gotta talk with you @@Pande ;) )


Also, I am working on FFA3 Bespin/Imperial theme.




- Me :: Project Lead/Textures

- Pande :: Most of the textures (Pande's Tatooine Spaceport FFA)

- FF Community :: Testing

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Wow, this is cool!


One thing I would like to see improved though is the walls around the ship. Those curved walls are very tiled with their texture.



Those are individual brushes, due to the need to have open sections in weird places on a cylinder. It's going to look a little funky, whatever you do.







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