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Programming for UDK is a plain pain in the ass. I think they've changed all that with UE4, they threw away unrealscript in favor of C# or C++ (I don't recall well) and they've finally included a proper way to work with visual studio on the solution. You're better off modifying the actual Jedi Academy code than starting from scratch.

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For weapon models there no need for a high poly model to make the normals. It's faster to make a height maps by hand with the smaller details carved or written and then convert it to normal maps. Crazybump can achieve some remarkably good normal, specular and occlusion maps just from a simple texture. I would concentrate more in making a terrific model, a terrific texture instead. For things that need a more organic detail level I would go for a sculpt or similar.


Of course that's one way to do it, but the quality of that outpout is questionable, plus your normals need to be synched with the game engine, if not you end up wiht wonky results.



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