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The latest news, which is titled "Hello from Bothawui" has finally been authorized, so it is time to present another species, which will make a cameo in Dark Pastime modification.




Bothans can be seen on a variety of worlds in Dark Pastime, including Anarmar, Uffel, Tuak'Khan, Rutana, Coruscant and in some other places. Mainly they are neutral, but with their well-developed spy net, they are good allies of the New Republic, thus you'll get a chance to work with them side by side in one of the missions.


Bothans come in different skin colors and hairstyles, as well as clothes, which can be changed easily through switchable surfaces. The main problem was their beard, though we are working to improve both such details as fur and clothes.

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You'll be able to count during the game. =) Now, that we've decided to release the mod in parts, it is a real possibility. ;) thanks for the comment, the fur was a quite a puzzle. I used a different Wacom tablet to make that one work fine. It seems, that the shader works better if the thickness of each hair is very-very small.

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You are not that far from truth. Star Wars Rebellion actually depicts Bothans more like human creatures, with fur and still sharp ears. But with more and more sources showing Bothans, they looked more like what we created here. We are not using a human appearance, because there are quite a lot of human characters in the game now, including Chiss, Zeltron, Zabrak and Twi'Lek (which we will be showing soon enough). The encyclopedia says, that Bothans differ in appearance in a manner, that some resemble humans.



Good point. I'll think about that one ;)

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