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so uh, small feature request


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hi, so I was chatting with @@DarthDementous the other day (today actually). He mentioned that Lugormod has some extra bot chat sections. Perhaps we could add these to OpenJK. They don't add anything extra to the game, no extra cvars, just extra sections to bot personalities that modders can take advantage of, such as "OnFlagCapture" or "OnHolocronPickup". Lugormod specifically adds bot sections that made bots chat randomly and respond to specific key words.


I don't know. It doesn't sound too difficult to add, it doesn't break compat or add anything to the base game. Just a neat little feature that someone might take advantage of. :P What do the others think?

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My old friend Byron send me the hold source code for it yesterday :) 

i had a look at it, it has been so many years now, it can do live update from a newz site to 

and it will text that in to the chat on the server, it looks like this on the program





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