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If you place a waypoint above ground, it will be a flying waypoint, presumably used e.g. by the flying probes. However, when you create elevators that NPCs should be able to use you'll want to place waypoints in the shaft, which would usually be flying waypoints. My workaround for that is creating small nodraw_solid brushes below those waypoints and turning them into one big func_usable with the startoff spawnflag. Add some scripts that insert a couple of commands to make the NPCs properly wait for the elevator and bam! Your NPCs now know how to use elevators to get around.


Oh, and concerning all this waypoint talk: In SP the console command "nav show all" will display the waypoints, their connections and NPC paths. Essential for checking your waypoint network.


While we're talking about useful console commands: "icarus debug" will show all script commands as they're executed.

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- BOTH_WALKBACK_STAFF and BOTH_WALKBACK_DUALS are both broken ingame, but function correctly in ModView (and possibly rend2). Neither of these animations are used.


- RMG -- random map generation -- in both MP and SP are both fully functional so long as you change MAX_TERRAIN (thanks to Rich Whitehouse for this note)


- The game has no hunk memory period. Furthermore, the cvar com_hunkmegs doesn't exist at all, despite claims largely propagated by Magnavolge that this cvar improves server load. The game uses zone memory instead of hunk, which is worrying for performance but perhaps necessary for consoles due to their low amount of RAM.


- It's possible that Xids used to sign Jedi Academy can also be used to sign Jedi Outcast, allowing it to run on Xbox 360 using the emulator. In effect, the emulator profile for JA would be hijacked to run JK2. I don't know much personally about this, however.


- Asian languages do function for the game; they work by replacing all fonts using .fontdats with something similar to charsgrid_med.tga


- Contrary to popular belief, languages aren't hardcoded at all (you can add new folders such as /Dutch/ in /Strings/ and it will work just fine). Unicode isn't supported though.


- Gamecube code doesn't exist for JA at all. (Some small fragments found in JK2 but not much)


- Related: Xbox versions of the game split the .bsp lumps into different files, possibly for RAM reasons


- Despite batteries not being used/existing, using a GONK Droid still attempts to give the player batteries.

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Developer 2 does actually give you more information. Or at least it did in regular jamp.

 There's no evidence that supports this. 

Is it true that having your fps at 333 makes you jump higher? I think I once asked Raz about it, but can't remember what he said.

Yes. Having higher FPS does affect movement physics, unless the server is using pmove_fixed
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bug of JA code... well...

for mapping: it's very hard force an NPC to enter in an elevator lift >_>


On openjk code, i see that if i create a sab file with the SITH_SWORD command for define the saber type there are that's issue:

1 - NPC can be kiledl only by a quick fast shot or atk

2:- An NPC wounded with a saber_Sith_sword as saber, cannot be killed, become invincible.

3 - the NPC with saber sith sword custom sabers, not make the animation tavion_swordpower and the charging sword for the attack with charged blade. pity, shoul be useful for program a soul reaver saber. There is a way to fix that in the open SP code?


Inventory on JA SP not work. Why?

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Oh, sorry, i not understood the Topic contains ._. ah, now i read better. It's for unused but however working code functions, rights?

Sorta yeah. It's about stuff that wasn't previously known, and after scouring the code, we discover new things that aren't widely known.

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