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WIP: ROFF Exporter Plugin for 3ds Max...

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I discovered I had created 3dsMax NoteTracks on the modified object (i.e., Modifier stack)... but my exporter code is expecting the NoteTracks to be on the base node... once I moved them to the base node, my NoteTracks exported and played correctly in the ROF file.


So now, @@AshuraDX and I need to figure out two issues that I believe are game-code related bugs.


(1) "sound" type notetracks do not get played correctly. Only footstep sound is briefly heard.

(2) The ROF format supports multiple efx/sfx notetracks on a given frame. The game code loops thru and parses all notes specified to be played at a given frame-- however only the first note gets played the subsequent notes for that frame do not.

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