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Having some fun with the source code

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I'm kinda surprised no one else have made a topic like this yet (or maybe i just missed it :P)


Anyway after reading half a c++ tutorial and making my generic Hello_world.exe i decided to take a look at the openjk project in visual studio express.

After leaning my way around i started to search for the dismemberment cvars (or whatever they're called) because if there is one thing i've ever felt jedi academy lacked it's the jedi outcast dismemberment.


Basically in JKO you could completely cut you're enemy's and there corpse apart using the "g_saberrealisticcombat" command.

But jedi academy does not have that as it was replaced by the "g_sabermorerealistic" command which is write protected so you can't change it as far as i know.

so after looking around for while i manged to remove the write protection and make it cheat protected so you can change it with "helpusobi 1"

i also set all other dismemberment related commends to about 100 as default, cuz i'm too lazy to change them in game.


the result:











Then i remembered a thing that has annoyed some mappers in the past

the fact that you can't change gravity in game.


Sure you can set the gravity in the maps worldspawn in gtkradiant but you can't change again it unless you change the value in the maps worldspawn and recompile it.

so you can't etc. have space ship with gravity inside the ship and no gravity outside because the  g_gravity command is also write protected and not even the "target_change_gravity" entity in gtkradiant or scripting can change that (there is A LOT of old threads on gamefront where people have tried to find a way to do it)


so i made that command cheat protected instead of write protected and it works perfect.

now you can have one room with; normal gravity, one with 0 gravity and one with super gravity.
















so yeah i'm having a lot of fun with this :)

(also i'm not sure what other category to put this in) 

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