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I do not know which ones are used the most, but from experience I can tell you that there are several symbols used for that, not just one.

I'm sure there are other ways to find out, but the easiest way I know is to choose a server that uses the invalid characters in the name, get the IP address and port from in-game, then plug it into a server tracker (I used ParaTracker). From there you can copy/paste it into something else that can tell you what it is. I think Notepad++ works, in fact even just google might work.

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I've already tried that and a lot of € signs are displayed for it. When I enter € there are no dots in front of the name but strange characters. And he's still at the bottom of the list. It has to be a symbol which in the game is called . is displayed and in turn cannot be seen at gametracker.com.

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Quake 3 encodes text with ANSI instead of ASCII, so some of the symbols will be different between your operating system and in-game.

If you're trying to figure out a specific symbol from a specific server's name, you should seriously just look it up in a server tracker. If you want to use that same symbol on your own server, you can just copy/paste it into your own server.cfg.

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Most server trackers filter them out (GameTracker and ParaTracker included) or just show them as a period.

I remember having trouble with this too, though my my main OS is macOS and I found I was only able to save it properly on there. As soon as I'd open and save it on Windows it wouldn't work.

Here's a .cfg with the character and correct encoding, try pasting the rest of your current cfg into this one and saving with Notepad++ or something similar. (taken straight from my server's server.cfg that is working right now on the server list)


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13 hours ago, Circa said:

Most server trackers filter them out (GameTracker and ParaTracker included) or just show them as a period.

For what it's worth - ParaTracker has a "Trim nonsense characters from server names" option under the visual adjustments. It is on by default, disabling it should make them visible. If it does not, then I have a bug to fix.

Either way, glad to hear the issue is resolved.

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