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  1. it runs on the current 1.4 jk2mv version (jk2mvded-v1.4-win32-x64.exe) I also tried older versions.
  2. Hello, I still have the problem that my name is not displayed in black. It works on other servers. It must be something to do with the configuration. Can someone help me.
  3. Thanks, it worked. It was probably because I took your cfg and edited it with noztepad++ this time. And not with the normal windows editor.
  4. I've already tried that and a lot of € signs are displayed for it. When I enter € there are no dots in front of the name but strange characters. And he's still at the bottom of the list. It has to be a symbol which in the game is called . is displayed and in turn cannot be seen at gametracker.com.
  5. Hello, Does anyone know the special character you have to put before the server name, which is displayed as a dot. So that the server is higher in the list?
  6. Server runs with JediMod. When I write /say ^0hello in the chat it's black, but the name doesn't work.
  7. Hello, Does anyone know how I activate black names in JK2? Writing in black only works, using the color as a name doesn't work. I've already activated seta jk_allowBlackName 1 in the server.cfg but it still doesn't work. I hope you can help me.
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