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mapmodding issue

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Hello readers,

I'm currently facing a weird issue with map modding / server management. 

I'm using my old map mod (ffa3 with teleports and a few ysalamari) but it has the issue that the ysalamari aren't spawning in the server. But when I do devmap mp/ffa3 while the pk3 is in my base, it's working as it should.

Is there something I might be overseeing?

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Wow...I actually can't find any of the old resources regarding server.cfg any more. Does anyone happen to know one? That really needs fixed, it's guaranteed to kill the game off. I can make a web page to help create a server.cfg, but I need a sample to work from and I don't have my old server.cfg any more.

That said - I don't see any options regarding ysalamiri in server.cfg, but I can't find any samples to check. Are you running the dedicated server from the same game files you are playing from?

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10 hours ago, NAB622 said:

That sounds like what I was looking for, yeah. Which CVar is it? I'll add it to ParaTracker's bit value calculator for future reference.

I used seta disable_item_ysalimari 0 to enable the ysalamari

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