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I need help converting JK2 skin model to JK3 model...

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3 hours ago, Lancelot said:

Models and skins that were created for Jedi Outcast are usually compatible with Jedi Academy without any problems. So there is no need to convert it.

I thought JK2 models have more bones in the hand so can throw up some issues. 

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From what I understand, you need to add an extra tag surface to the model to define where the left saber should go, and weigh it to a bone that only exists in JA. The fact that the bone only exists in JA complicates matters… I think it basically means you can not rely on the automatic JK2 to JA conversion built into the engine, the model has to explicitly use the JA skeleton with the extra bone. I don't know if anyone has ever written a guide on how to do that, or if it's even been done before.

Now, if we had a tool that saves the result of JA's automatic JK2 conversion as a glm file, that would be relatively easy to fix, but I'm not aware of such a tool existing.

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I wish I could remember the details, I can't look it up right now, but some tools use an asterisk to mark tag surfaces and distinguish them from regular surfaces, while others don't. If I remember correctly, there is no asterisk in the glm file itself, but ModView displays it? I think in Blender I chose to display it the way it is in the glm file.

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I manage to rotate the hand of the model just to get the accurate feeling for the shield, now just to rotate the XYZ, accurately to the model of the left hand...

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