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  1. What are your favorite dueling music?
  2. Any skin for Young Leia from Episode 9?
  3. I have tried putting the mod in JK3 base folder, I cannot get into first person view in lightsaber mode?
  4. Where to get this first person mod?
  5. I can't see the hands in first person view...
  6. Are there Roman Empire maps for JK3?
  7. I manage to rotate the hand of the model just to get the accurate feeling for the shield, now just to rotate the XYZ, accurately to the model of the left hand...
  8. I keep wondering, what is the the different with the hand tag bone, with asterisk and without asterisk in Blender?
  9. How to edit enemy Jedi NPC skill? Are the configurable for better difficulty during saber fight?
  10. So is the legion skin can be converted suitable with JK3, or is it just impossible for now?
  11. So what is the best fix to get it converted for JK3 compatible? I am longing to use this skin NPC just for fun...
  12. Yes, without any problems, but the animation for left hand for this skin model, is a bit strange, as when I use equip with it medieval shield mod, the shield looks position wrongly on the left hand of the model. https://file.io/LIlj36eDATQz
  13. I need help converting JK2 skin model to JK3 model...
  14. I am trying to adjust the XYZ vertices, for the tower shields in this medieval mod...
  15. How to import GLM/MD3 weapons model into Blender?
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