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Modification of npc in missions.

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Adding new NPCs to an already existing map might be a bit tricky. Editing the values of the already placed characters and their actions (as well as scripts in the map in general) is perhaps far easier. If NPC has a NPC_targetname in the map (those in cutscenes definitely have unique names), then you can change them via a script, already used in the map.

You'll have to use Behaved for that, to edit TXT files, but most original JO/JA scripts are in IBI format, so you'll have to use a decompiler fro that. You can find one such utility right here.

Thus you would be able to edit a TXT file with Behaved and the compile it again (and place into a new pk3 inside a base folder). You can even make new scripts and make original ones play them in the map. You can read more about scripting here.

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