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Where can I buy/rent a new server for a clan im trying to start?

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Ive been searching where I can buy/rent a server to start a new Jedi Academy clan. I THINK I used to rent 1 from Caelum but have been unable to find a link anywhere to go about doing that again so im guessing he no longer does server hosting for Jedi Academy. So ive been looking into a website called BlueFangSolutions. Is this a good move? Or does anyone have a link to rent 1 from Caelum?

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I have been summoned.

Yep-yep, Caelum took a permanent leave last year for personal reasons. It's mostly the same setup as before, with a few extra features that I either couldn't implement previously or just never got around to doing with jka.io; auto-installers for a handful of mods, web based file manager.

Biggest difference being that support is done via an account on the site or email, rather than steam/discord/whatever, for my own sanity.

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