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Custom character NPC looking up in SP

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Hi guys!

So I tried to modify my JA by replacing the green double-bladed Jedi master with a Corran Horn model. It works fine, except for one thing: he always looks up. When I spawn him, he should be looking at my face, but instead he looks way above me. Then when I crouch, he looks straight ahead. Why is that and is there a way to fix this? 

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Okay, I did some additional research and I found this: https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/12060-identifying-6-mod-authors/?tab=comments#comment-160510


According to this, that particular version was made by Jeff.

If one facial tag is off, then I guess the issue is with the 3D model itself. I don't have any experience with modeling, so I don't think I can fix it. I'm fairly new to the community, so what should I do? Can I reach out to Jeff and ask him to fix it? Or should I start searching for modeling tutorials? 😄 

Btw, I appreciate your help, guys!

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