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Hi, I'm learning how to create maps, and in particular map objects.

The first thing i did is a random model on the Blender program, deprive it of skeleton and tags, and export it to MD3.

When I import the map objects into GTK Radiant it doesn't matter the textures and consequently it looks like this in game.



Do you know how to solve it?

I checked the path:


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Judging by the lack of shadows, I'm assuming this is a dynamic model (misc_model_static, misc_model_breakable or other). The model seems to be working fine, but I'd advise you to check the textures and texture paths, as well as the shader, as that seems to be the culprit. It's normal that it appears full bright because dynamic models don't cast or receive shadows unless set to do so, with the properties _cs 1 and _rs 1 in the Radiant entity respectively.

Based on the Blender version you're using, you should either make sure that the md3shader custom property is there and correct (for Blender 2.79 or older) or the material is (I seem to remember that's how it's done with the newer versions of the Blender JA plugin on 2.8+).

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First of all, it must be made sure that the material names on the .md3 model actually reference either a file that exists in that path, or a shader that you write for it. Set qer_editorimage in your respective shader properly, and you'll see textures on your exported md3 models in Radiant - btw... which Radiant are you using rn?

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