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Jedi Outcast: Changing how high you can jump

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I am trusting my memory about loving Jedi Outcast except a part where there is a number of very cheap deaths related to jumping over some obstacles. If not timed to almost perfection, it's game over.

I was wondering if it was possible (and easy) to customize how high the player can jump so that particular section of the game becomes much less frustrating.


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Thank you very much for your suggestion, mrwonko.

I will make sure to test it at the first available opportunity.

But could I make that into a default game feature without having to each time open the console when I play the game?

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Hmm, all the config files I know only get loaded once when the game is started, but gravity needs to be changed every time you load a map, I think. The best I can come up with is binding it to a key so you only have to press that instead of opening the console and entering the command, look into the /bind command for more on that.

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Well, if that is true then the map itself must have the gravity setting embedded in it somehow.

Binding a key would surely be an improvement but I would still feel like I'm "cheating"... but then again, that is what I am doing after all.

Still, in my view that would just represent a fix for the only cheap and uncharacteristic deaths in the game.

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Thanks for your help, guys, but there are some things that do not seem right in afi's suggestion.

From a cursory examination of the jk2config.cfg file it seems that there is no "+jump" command but rather "+moveup" is used for jumping.

The command is also in between "" so perhaps the syntax there is wrong?

And mrwonko, I am not sure I understand your suggestion about learning entities and change them in all maps. There is only one map that would need a gravity change. Shouldn't it be a numerical value registered by the game when the map is loaded as suggested here?

"g_gravity "800"    set the gravity level. (this is normally set by a property of the map loaded)"

Wikipedia gives a number of examples of what entities are:

"Specifying locations of various entities, such as player units, enemies, monster spawn points, ladders, coins, resource nodes, weapons, save points,[23] etc.;"

Is the gravity value an entity of the map?

Eventually I tried the command set g_gravity in the console but it does not work.

I get a message informing me that g_gravity is read only.

So it seems that the only solution is to change that value in the map. Do you know if there are any tools I could use to do that?

Thanks again.

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