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how to create a lightsaber hilt for jedi academy?

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Good morning I have been thinking of making a lightsaber of what I would be like if I were a Jedi but I don't know where to start. I have blender with the jedi academy plugins but I have no idea how to start so I would like you to tell me a bit how it is done since I have never made my own mod, I have only made frankensteins for my personal use, never one from scratch. I appreciate your help very much. Thank you. And forgive my terrible English since I am Spanish and I do not have a full command of your language. Thanks again.

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Just remember that creating the model itself isn't going to be JKA specific. So you can go look up tutorials for Blender on YouTube to get you started learning how to use the software. Once you have the saber made, you could then reference the JKA-specific ones or ask for help with getting it into the game.

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