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Identifying 6 mod authors

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Hello all,

I've just finished a video that uses parts of dozens of mods and I'd like to properly credit all authors. I've now compiled a list of all of them but there are 6 mods which remain nameless. No readmes, and found nothing on mrwonko, jkhub, rpmod, modd or gamefront. Can anyone help me identify any of these?

1. Downloaded as "w_ship.pk3". Wampa's claw map. It states on RPMod that the map was uploaded by aayla, but the uploader isn't always the creator. 


2. Downloaded as "Corran Horn (Pilot).pk3"


3. Downloaded as "Dazur Dar.pk3"


4. Downloaded as "Rebel Smuggler.pk3"


5. Downloaded as "Twi'lek (Battlefront).pk3"


6. Downloaded as "Blue X-Wing.pk3


I've downloaded these over the years and honestly speaking didn't write down the links as I went along. So even though I downloaded them from somewhere, I can't find out where from now. 

Thank you all!

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1 hour ago, Jeff said:

The player models are my stuff but no need to credit. Looking forward to the video.

Great! I did think it looked like it could be yours. Thank you.

4 hours ago, Bubbles said:

Doubt you will have much luck.


Also as commendable as it is to give credits to these authors, dont let it slow you down your video.

You can always add credits later.

You're right, and I won't let it affect my schedule. I'm honestly surprised I was able to find the names for all the other mods. 

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