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Useful Game Mechanics info for Mapping.


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I am trying to slowly compile over time useful information that may be helpful or unknown to mappers. All the information I am looking for is something JKA game mechanics related. As I continue to explore mechanics in the editor I'll add it to this post if you know anything, I would appreciate any help you have. Or if you know I am extremely wrong about something might be good to let me know. Other examples could be slope limits, entity limits, sniper range, vehicle sizes anything really. I searched the internet but was not able to find a good list of this sort of information about the game. Later on this info can be compiled for quick reference. Here are a few examples of what I mean, all of these I tested in game: 





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I might need to upload this into a tutorial map or something..... BUT its interesting to see what you can work with in terms of slopes. I think what grabed my attention the most is the fact that a tauntaun can travel on a slope the player can not.... Might make for an interesting map design. The swoop is pretty limited in terms of slopes in boost speeds.

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On 8/21/2021 at 9:50 AM, Asgarath83 said:

So Tauntauns can climbs an high inclinated slope? pretty cool!

Yes, can be cool if someone do some wall climber vehicle and there is some map set like "climb the mountain for reach the base" 😄

this actually gave me a cool idea for a ctf/tffa map lol

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