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An Issue With my Model

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Howdy! I just recently got into modding Jedi Knight: Academy and was trying to make my own model for singleplayer specifically. I sort of frankensteined something together, I believe I have all the correct files. However when I open the model.glm It always appears completely white, is this a common issue? Am I not connecting something properly?

I appreciate any help you could give me! Thanks so much!

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On 11/15/2020 at 7:03 PM, Psyk0Sith said:

Did you create a .skin file? The .skin file contains paths to texture files and it's a simple text file. You'll need to "merge" together the texture paths of all models that were used, within that file.

I tried to do this, but it still isn't working for some reason. I took the head model from one mod and want to put it on the original torso and lower for the single-player character but it's still not working. Where I could making a mistake?

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