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I need some help

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.obj is a mesh format. As pointed above sabers need to be .md3 mesh format first and ten exported to .glm with something like md3view

.PK3 is a "container" it's simply a .zip file with the correct folder structure and contains your saber mesh model and textures / shaders / custom sound (if needed).

You can find more in-depth info here:


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PK3 must have a correct structure inside. So it'll be like PK3 (inside: models/weapons2/lightsaber_your_name). If your hilt uses a shader, it should also be put inside the very same PK3 ((inside: shaders/your_shader.shader). The saber parameters are stored inside a your_saber.sab file, which is usually in ext_data/sabers. And it also goes inside your PK3 pack.

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