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GTKRadiant Warning and in-game problem.

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Hello everyone!


I have been working on a map lately and I attempted to add switchable lights via a trigger_multiple. When I do so, though, I receive spam warning while compiling.


"WARNING: Hit per-surface style limit (4)"


Whenever I compile without the trigger, it is done normally and there are no issues. Whenever I test the map in-game with the Warning, the room that the light is located have other surfaces receive lighting as normal and others appear totally black, like there's no lightsource at all.


I have to note that while the map has several rooms, this is tested in one room with a single light entity. Also, that light entity has no additional styles, but the targetname.


I have tried:

- With and without start_off.

- Adding an extra always active light entity with low light.

- Tried with stronger light.

- Tried different textures on the surfaces that are "black"

- Tried on other rooms, same issue.



Note: The weird thing is, that I have added first in another room, two small spotlights with trigger on their own that work just fine. Beyond that point, any other light gives me the error.


I would appreciate if anyone has any idea ?

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Any time you have switchable or styled lights, there is a limit of 4 styles on every surface. The only way to exceed that limit is to change the source code and recompile.

There are a few things you might be able to do to reduce the number of styles you are using, but I have to ask; are you trying to make rooms with a single switched light per room, like sithcouncilv2, or something more elaborate? There might be some other things going on as well.

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I checked sithcouncilv2 for the reference. I am actually -aiming- for something more detailed, but I started simple to get an idea of how it looks and I got the error. So what I am trying right now is pretty much like the bedrooms in the sithcouncil, but no colored lights or anything.


The room right now that the error occurs have only a single light. To be more precise:




(It is not connected with the trigger in this image. Also top view)

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Yeah, there's no reason that should be giving you the error.....Do you mind if I were to take a look at the map file? I might be able to help.

From what I'm seeing right now, though, it looks like it just might be light leaking between the rooms somehow.

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