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Discontinuing Mac Support


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After some discussion with the admins, we have elected to officially discontinue our support for the Mac operating system. We aren't happy with this decision, but current circumstances have forced our hand.

Due to the absence of our team member that compiled the Mac build and provided tech support, we can't justify distributing a Mac build that is impossible to run, and that no one on the team can correct or provide assistance with.

Until our team member returns to the server or another individual steps forward and can compile and provide assistance with the operating system, we will be discontinuing any further efforts to provide a Mac build for the mod.

We extend our apologies to our Mac fans, and extend an invitation to join our team so you can return this mod back to your operating system.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send us a direct message on our Discord server expressing your interest.

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As an avid Mac user for professional and personal uses, I recommend anyone with a Mac to put in the effort to either run Windows 10 via Bootcamp (dual-booting to run both macOS and Windows), or invest in a decent PC build for your gaming purposes. This of course relates to beyond Jedi Academy, but if that's literally the only game you play and ever plan on playing, you can build a PC to run it extremely cheap. Here's a good starting point for building your PC (although I'd go with an i5 instead of an i3 minimum in 2020).

Just my two cents. Sad to see support go though, and hopefully your team member returns.

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15 hours ago, Smooさん said:

My gf's macbook doesn't even have enough storage for this mod haha

If only the whole Mac compatibility problem for this mod could be solved just by adding more storage into your girlfriend's Macbook. But if you know someone who is good at programming stuff for Mac, and happens to have enough storage, the KotF team could add support for it again.

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