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Adjusting NPC health

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Wait, you asked for a method to only edit the health of certain NPCs, right?

Actually, it can be done very easily without using the NPCTool. Just extract the ext_data folder from a pk3 in the KotF folder.

Once the folder is extracted, selected and go to the folder called npcs. Then select the NPC file you want and open it, either with the Editor

or with Notepad++. You should see text that looks like this:


playerModel bespin_cop
health 40
reactions 3
aim 1
move 3
aggression 3
evasion 1
intelligence 5
rank crewman
playerTeam TEAM_PLAYER
enemyTeam TEAM_ENEMY
walkSpeed 55
runSpeed 200
yawspeed 120
dismemberProbHead 0
dismemberProbArms 10
dismemberProbLegs 0
dismemberProbHands 20
dismemberProbWaist 0
// race bespincop
snd bespincop1
sndcombat bespincop1
sndextra bespincop1
Just edit the value that I marked red and add any number you like. It works with any NPC file, even the KotF ones.


For opening pk3 files and extracting folders from it, use 7zip: https://www.7-zip.org/

For editing the NPC files, use Notepad++ or, as mentioned, the Editor from Windows: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.6.2.html

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If I understand correctly, you've managed to open the file in the notepad, but not in Notepad++?

Actually, this is not a problem at all. If you can open and edit the file with the regular notepad,

then you did it. All you have to do is create a new pk3 file and add the ext_data folder that contains your edited files.

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With the npc tool you can choose the option open from pk3 and then you can find the pk3 that you would like to open for instance TSE npcs, from there you can choose the exact npc file you would like to change the value of the health and then you just need to save it. Hope this helps :) 

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