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  1. Remade a scene from a star wars comic where Luke faces of against the Grand Inquisitor, hope you like it!
  2. I remade a video of Darth Revan vs Bastila Shan as seen in the game knights of the old republic, hope you like it!
  3. Another Video more of a Duel format hope you like it!
  4. A video made about before the battle of the Endar spire! Hope you enjoy!
  5. Another video I made but here was more focus on knights of the old republic era. Hope you enjoy
  6. Made a video about the battle of Kamino hope you like it
  7. Here is a video I made to look like the scene from the phantom menace! Hope you guys enjoy !
  8. Here is a training video between ahsoka and starkiller teaching eachother both sides of the force
  9. Here is one from the force unleashed game, hope you guys will enjoy it!
  10. Here is one remake of the battle from the clone wars movie!
  11. Here is one that was inspired by star wars theory, hope you guys will enjoy it!
  12. Was inspired of doing this after watching the clone wars and some force unleashed videos on youtube! Hope you guys will enjoy!
  13. Here is a bit longer video then the previous one hope you guys will enjoy!
  14. Here is another video where I have made a remake of the episode 3 game alternate ending. Hope you guys like it
  15. Thanks for the tips i choose the one with the installer however i do not know if you can answer this question but my maps does not want to save, i was following the tutorial you suggested to get started ? and i get this message "ERROR: couldn't open E:/Program/Lucasarts/Jedi academy/GameData/base/maps/NewmapNo brushes selected. for write Autosaving..." I wonder what that could mean i was on tutorial basic brushes. And it was hinted in the tutorial that the install might be the problem but everything is in order. Hope you guys can help!
  16. Hey, I wanted to ask you guys a question! I do not really know where to post it but i have started to use a program called autodesk inventor (is a tool to create models and assemblies) and i was wondering if there is a similiar tool that can create things for this game, as i would like to learn how to create models or even maps. I am mostly used to creating npcs and do machinimas, but i would like to broaden my knowledge in these fields. What do you guys recommend, is it to follow the steps on the tutorial section are are they outdated? Is Radiant still the best tool to create maps and map objects or is there a new better tool for that. Thank you guys for your time
  17. Hey Guys Just wanted to make a fanfiction about what if Vader found a young Kenobi on Tatooine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT8Lvpg6wGg&t=74s Hope You guys enjoy Best Regards Arthor
  18. With the npc tool you can choose the option open from pk3 and then you can find the pk3 that you would like to open for instance TSE npcs, from there you can choose the exact npc file you would like to change the value of the health and then you just need to save it. Hope this helps
  19. Hey ! I really enjoy your mod and i would just suggest that it would be really cool if the charcters could be made even more unique by giving them custom animation that fit their style. I understand if this is something that cannot be handled quickly, however i would have been a fun addition if i may say so myself. Best regards Arthor
  20. Arthor

    Naming npcs

    Sorry i will try to explain it better ! So in the normal game we could example spawn npc spawn luke npc1 and by naming that luke npc "npc1" you could be able to control that luke npc with a command that target specificly named npc1 and was wondering if that was possible to do in the mod as well ?
  21. Hey I was just wondering when we create our npcs in the mod is it possible to name them? I know that when we spawn them normally with the console you have the option to do so. Best regards Arthor
  22. here is one of them i made a few years back
  23. Hello I have recently downloaded this mod from the internet and i have found it very useful with all the different characters and i am looking forward towards the new patch with the customisation of the npc allignment however i am trying to make a machinima with this mod and i was wondering if you could help me because i would like to use the animation menu but it creates a problem with the kotf menu. Do you guys know how to solve this issue and also are you guys on adding such a feature Best regards Arthor
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