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Darth Andeddu Skin

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But i don't get it why can't someone just make a model or skin for the game if they have just seen what it looks like????

Because it takes time to create a new model. A picture is not enough, it's not that the model magically creates itself just by knowing what it looks like. By the time the model is finished, the team could add several more characters to the mod.

It's more convenient to add models that have been already made than creating them from scratch. Anything else would just slow down the mod's progress.


Maybe you should try the normal request section: https://jkhub.org/forum/12-mod-requests-suggestions/

If somebody picks up your request, you can suggest the character when it's done.

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Although I feel your desire to have your favorite character in this mod, but please keep in mind that most game mods are made by volunteers who innovatively design when they have time, except some big mods require donations to keep online servers or funding for license. 


Like you, I also want to add some new characters but I am suck at basic designing programs so I cannot help much. Therefore, we just appreciate what we have.


We feel very lucky with our current mod if any of you used to play the original KoTF years ago: limited NPCs, no allegiance for NPCs, typing NPC names or creating a list of them each time you play, etc.

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