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New Staff & JKHub 2.0 (Demo)


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We have 2 new staff members
Following on from our last news post we have two new members of staff! Both Wolfeye and myself have recently had our applications accepted and are now looking forward to giving it our all and providing a helping hand alongside Circa, AshuraDX and Caelum. For those who aren't familiar with us: Wolfeye began with JKA in December 2013 as a 1.00 player. He was the founder of Random Clan, and he co-founded the Phantom Academy with Frost. Wolfeye then went on to join the Shadow Order in October of 2016 after Random disbanded, and then left in the April of 2017. He's currently the leader of the clan known as Tempest, and the lead admin for the JKCommunity Discord server, which Caelum insists on re-emphasizing is a third-party that's completely unrelated to JKHub.
As for me: I've been playing JKA online since 2006, but my consistent home for many years was the ::JEDI:: role-playing community, where I played a variety of characters at varying ranks. I began my career in JKHub when Caelum first recruited me alongside others such as Azatha, SiLink, Inyri and Szico. I stepped down after a while and invested a lot more of my time in ::JEDI:: again and developing my own mods, such as a new single player campaign which can be found here on the site! I eventually found my way to the Shadow Order and with some more time on my hands, have volunteered to give back to the JKHub community once again.
This does also mean that staff applications are now closed for the time being. However, should we find ourselves short-handed in the future or in need of additional support, we'll be right back! Special thanks to everyone who applied: even if we didn't pick you, there were some very strong other candidates, and we really appreciate your applications.
JKHub 2.0 (Demo)
Did you miss Caelum's shoutout? Those of you with keen eyes my have spotted a few mentions of his work in moving JKHub over to new software. Well, you can now access the demo for JKHub 2.0 by visiting https://demo.jkhub.org/! Please keep in mind that this is in a heavy work-in-progress state. Give the link a try for us and share whatever feedback you may have! Several features - including an integrated, modernized wiki are still under construction, so check back every once in a while for cool new additions. The demo will be up until such time JKHub moves to the new software, for which we're now only awaiting some work by a paid third-party developer to import our data.

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Sorry I've been inactive for a long time but I've come back to tell you guys congratulations on your new-found roles! I trust we will have a bright future with you!


Seems like I came back at the perfect time before everyone left without me :D

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