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Jedi Outcast mission and mp maps support.

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I know I have mentioned this in some posts before but now I feel it should be made more distinct. Would it be possible to make either an external build or add-on to enable access for the Jedi Outcast missions and MP maps for those who have the game assets so they could use their install of the game? Also there are good maps that fix the SP scripts like Jedi Outcast Academy or the Jedi Academy Outcast mod on this site. I am sorry for any confusion this thread may have this is my first one EVER. 


https://www.moddb.com/mods/jedi-outcast-academy - the mod i use


https://jkhub.org/files/file/1860-jedi-academy-outcast/ - almost the same as previous but i haven't exactly used this one

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By manipulating load orders I managed to play that mod and the old KotF 2.0 at the same time


If I ever manage to do that with the 2.1 version I'll come to this post again lol


We can't allow the distribution of Jedi Outcast with this mod. I hope you succeed, but you can't distribute the game alongside it, it's essentially piracy.

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The best compensation to GET PAST the whole piracy thing @@Linken mentioned is to do what essentially made the JKO/JKA mods work: Port the Assets over to the JKA base, rename them 0_assets0 etc, then...you're good. JUST MAKE SURE you own BOTH games. If you own both games, then that's okay as far as I know. But having KOTF itself host the mod, no. Not gonna happen.

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