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Rend2 - OpenJK build

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I've been following the Rend2 development and the DT2 mod development for a little while now from a mere curiosity standpoint.


I used to be fairly active in the modding community well over 10 years ago and with some recently found free time I'd like to dive right in.


Right now I'm interested in playing around with the new .mtr shaders and experiencing the PBR lighting.


My questions to you guys are:


1. Can someone provide me with a link to the latest compiled build of rend2? The links I've found are broken, and I couldnt find an OpenJK build on GitHub that included rend2.


2. Would you need any assistance with any mapping for the DF2 mod? Its been a while but I'm pretty familiar with GTKRadiant, q3map2, and the idtech3 engine in general. I'd love to be able to contribute, even if it's something small!



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I'm at the office now, and don't have access to anything at home. It's been well over 10 years since I've touched JKA, but here were some earlier examples of stuff I worked on that I found on an old Photobucket account.

Needless to say, I'm not ready to commit immediately to a map responsibilities until I get back up to speed again, but I'd like to help!








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Somaz, I'd be interested in both for sure!


A few questions for you,


Is the rend2 rendering engine being primarily developed for MP and then ported over to SP? Right now are their features identical or are there certain features in MP vs SP?

Secondly, what version of openGL is required to run rend2?


Thanks and I look forward to tinkering around :)



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@@arkon11 Oh sry, totally forgot about you. :(


rend2 was primarily developed for mp, DT85 ported it to Sp. Right now I'd say sp has more features, but is also more unstable. OpenGL 3.2 is required.


Will give you both builds asap. I guess thats around tomorrow evening. Again sry. :mellow:

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