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A way to damage yourself with your own lightsaber?

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I was wondering it there is a way to enable your own lightsaber damaging yourself? Similar to how if you brush against enemies and it could damage them. If this doesn't already exist in the game, is such a thing possible to code? Maybe it would trigger depending on lightsaber swings (like if you hit your leg by accident) or if you mess up with lightsaber throwing... stuff like that!


I'm just asking simply out of curiosity, cause I think it would be pretty funny to enable this (plus realistic saber/dismemberments) and try to play through single player like this lol!

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yes, i think is possible, you should detect when the saber box hit your body, but you need create damage boxes per model (like the atst, the bullets can pass through the legs), because actually the body is a huge box which envolves the body model, or find a way to hit the model instead the body box (g2collision). Another thing you need to take care is about the saber box, because is a little bit huge, maybe will touch you when roll or crouch, maybe the saber box needs to be reduced.



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Hmm maybe stupid question - a little out of topic. Is it possible to edit the hitbox in jk3? I dont remember how it works exactly but i know it screws up wehn we for example scale a model to very high scale.

of course you can, look for mins and maxs vectors (3d box x y z) for any entity. For example the player model mins are -15 -15 -24 and maxs 15 15 24 and when you do a crouch or a roll your "box" get reduced, so thats an example you can modify the size. For invisible walls or triggers these use clip models (invisible boxes) so these uses mins and maxs too, you can increase or decrease them.


If u want do something like /size command (already existing in lots of mods) to make your player model higher or lower (like yoda vs desann) basically u need to rezise the player box (mins and maxs), the 3d model render (clientside) and the lightsaber length.


Your drawing is the best part

 haha ure welcome

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You can edit the hitbox of an NPC and vehicle as in, the size of it, in the NPC and VEH files. But you can't change how the hitbox works without code changes.


There is a command to show the boxes ingame but I totally forget what it is and can't find it anywhere.

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