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Taspir Power Complex v3

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About This File

A remap/addon of FFA5. There are many extra goodies in here! For instance, you now have access to all floors in all buildings. There is a lava power plant (hence the name, Taspir Power Complex) in the lowest level of the building with the red lights on it. There is a secret teleporter hub, from which you can go to almost any major place in the map in just a few seconds. There are some ship spawners on the tops of the buildings as well as several strategically placed turrets to promote air-to-air, ground-to-air and air-to-ground gameplay as well!


Most of all, this map is CLAN CAPABLE! There are several bedrooms in the bottom of the blue building. The pictures on the wall are made to be easily CUSTOMISED to have images of your choice. Best of all, since most clans like to have their logos in maps, this map can have YOUR CLAN'S LOGO put into it! There are simple instructions on how to do it on my site. There's also a lockable council room, for those clans that like in-game meetings. There's a TON more, but I think I've more than exceeded a decent description space.



Yes, that's right! You can change and customize the way this map operates! You can also add your own clan's logo, and it will appear in the map!


First off, let's cover the logos. Your clan can put it's own logo in the map! This will be done through a private download to make TPC look and operate the way they want. Doing the logos is as easy as making a JPG image of your clan's logo, and then putting it with any script mods you make/download into a PK3 (I have made easy step-by-step instructions on my site). You can also change the pictures in the bedroom area to any pictures you like. To learn more, go to http://www.nab622.com/tpcv3/mods.html and you can do it all yourself. Very neato, huh?


I mentioned above that you can change the way TPC operates. I'll try and explain it simply.


All maps run from a compiled BSP file, which cannot be modified. However, TPC implements 56 scripts to perform different things. These scripts can be changed without having to recompile the map, so you can modify them however you want and make the map do different things. On my site, there are different scripts available that I have pre-programmed with different functions. If you want, you can see the code for most of the scripts (the super secret scripts will remain super secret).


If you didn't understand any of that, just go to the site - there are step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures to guide you through.




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