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R2 and R5 Series Astromech

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===R2 Series Astromech===
Project commissioned and organized by Zander_Nao
This is an updated/expanded version of the NPC Droid Pack by Helena Revan. https://jkhub.org/profile/28-helena-revan/
Original Mod: https://jkhub.org/files/file/240-npc-droid-pack/
Most of the Body/Leg textures are from the NPC Droid Pack by Helena Revan and used with permission granted in original readme.
R2 Head 3D modeled by Phazzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer
Base Model by Raven Software
Converted for Jedi Academy by Jeff
Head textures by Phazzer
Other textures/reskins created by Zander_Nao

--NPC Support--
R2A1 - Imperial R2
R2A5 - White and Green [old head]
R2A6 - Silver and Green
R2B0 - Experimental Black
R2B1 - Blue and Yellow Naboo Custom
R2B3 - White and Blue
R2D1 - Silver and Red
R2D2 - Silver and Blue (r2d2_vehicle)
R2D2s - Silver and Blue with Scope (r2d2s_vehicle)
R2D3 - Silver and Yellow
R2I4 - Imperial R2 variant
R2KT - Silver and Pink (R2KT_vehicle)
R2KTs - Silver and Pink with scope (R2KTs_vehicle)
R2R9 - Red and Silver
R2S2 - Silver and Black (R2S2_vehicle)
R2S2s - Silver and Black with scope (R2S2s_vehicle)
R2Q2 - Updated version of imperial Q2 (R2Q2_vehicle)
R2Q2s - Updated version of imperial Q2 with scope (R2Q2s_vehicle)
R2Q5 - Imperial Variant 3
R2X1 - Experimental Black and Silver
R2X2 - Experimental Green and White [old head]
R3T2 - White Blue and Red
R3C7 - Blue White and Red
R4F5 - Mint Green and White
R4H5 - Pumpkin Colors
R4M6 - Purple and Silver
R4P17 - Red and White
R4P44 - Green and White

(This mod also includes unaltered R5 units from the original pack)
R5A2 - White and Orange
R5A7 - White and Yellow
R5D2 - White and Red
R5D4 - White and Red
R5E4 - White and Blue
R5E5 - White and Green
R5F7 - White Yellow and Red
R5F8 - Blue and White (R5F8_vehicle)
R5F9 - Yellow and White
R5J2 - Imperial Black and Copper
R5M2 - White and Black
R5X2 - Red and White



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Awesome! Although only the head mesh was changed, it's definitely superior to the standard model.

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1 hour ago, Lancelot said:

Awesome! Although only the head mesh was changed, it's definitely superior to the standard model.

Indeed. What inspired me to even start doing these droid projects was the variety and adaptability of the textures Helena had in her original pack. By keeping the body/legs mesh as they were, I could take my own spin on things and play around with new textures and lights and shaders and things but get the head mesh updated to look more accurate and reflect advances in techniques. I think it really made for a good blend and I couldn't have done it without the great efforts of Helena, Phazzzer and Jeff.

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