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Original Author: McCrusher

Uploaded by eezstreet


Message From Lando:


"Welcome aboard the "Cloud Shark". She's a vintage cruiser I recently won in a game of chance, while I was a "guest" at Reloo's waste facility. Actually it wasn't until after I won her that Reloo threw me in his brig. But with the help of a friend I was able to collect her... My friend never told me how he did it.... or whats become of Reloo.


The "Cloud Shark" still uses the old Fitnell-33 antigrav turbines. Well suited for the lower gravity on Bespin. I use her mostly for pleasure tours and hunting, the cruiser has enough lift to carry a netted Rancor or Wind Dragon.


Lately with the increased activities of the remnant Sithe I've been holding grudge matches or duels between Jedi upstarts and under-trained Sithe. I've been using the Cloud Shark to transport the competitors to and from the arenas.


This is where you come in. I need a ringer for the sabre tournaments that can throw a match, as well as win - when the need arises. I'll give you a fare percentage of the take.


Cloud City needs a new holo theatre, this is the only way I can think of to raise some funds quickly.


There are three arenas in total - well four if you count the supply store under Kyle Katarn's hanger. One arena the "Fishtank" can double as either a free-for-all or 1vs1 arena. There are health and shields in every arena to top-off after you win a duel. You can also fight in the same arena as someone else if you initiate a "challenge duel" with your opponent.


The rules are simple and follow the elf clan Sidhe format:


-Fight only in the arenas, if there is a line then wait your turn.


-Signal to your opponent with either a slash (Sithe) or bow (Jedi) when your ready to duel.


-Fight to the finish, no health, no shields during the match. Unless you're in a Free-For-All then anything goes in that arena.


-Fight with honor, unless you are a Sithe, then...just fight.


-Hunt, Kick, or Ban those being a nuisance.


The rules are list at the helm console of the Cloud Shark incase you for get them.


Good luck, I'm counting on you.


P.S. Place the CloudShark.pk3 in the base folder, example: (C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base) That should upload the coordinates to the Cloud Shark and the sabre tournaments.


Lando C. - out."


Author: MrCrusher

File Name: CloudShark

File Size 1.8 megs

Date Released: May, 19 2002

Description: 1vs1 dueling map with three arenas and a Big hover craft.

Other maps: For Rune - 1on1Arena, Death and Ressurection, Odin's Arena. Cloud Shark is first map with Radiant.


No bot support. This map is for real players who Duel and do not wish to wait in long duel server lines.


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Can you believe this map was released 14 years ago (as of Sept.2016)?


The author himself must have changed a lot – if he were a student, he is now an adult, who won't remember perhaps that he ever created a map for JK, unless he is still an active JK user.

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