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RMS Titanic BETA 1

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You all know the story of the TItanic, well here it is for Q3-JKA. This is not built to be morbid or do exploit, I had family on her so this is actually quiet personal for me. I would like to note two things right off the bat!

1 - File Size : Its huge, its the flipping titanic, and in the final cut there will be be 8 versions. All textures are custom/wip and theirs a few in this old pk3 that were not used in it YET, as they are for the coming interior that you will see in April.

This map is highly detailed, and its really big... So if you lagg I am sorry.

2 - LAGG : This will be fixed in the final cut, I am going to try and reach out and see if some one more wise then me can help me get this to not only DO a vis compile but do it right. As of now it's a mid to low fps map depending on your machine, I apologize, but then again I've never seen this in ANY game where it didn't lagg, the ship has allot of details.


A few people had problems with the water animation showing up black, please do not spam the comment box, simply pm with your system info and let me know of any issues you find/have. I encourage you to do this, please, this will help me, help you, and help the project.

To be honest I almost didn't want to even release this for quiet some time, with Titanic Honor and Glory in development I felt in many ways it stole this projects thunder. As of now the entire SP story is scrapped. So I am sorry, but I will not be taking this any further then MP.

A small thing Id like to add is that I have already swapped out this old water shader in the new cut, so no need for messages about that. Ive also since slowed down the smoke, as I had her apearing to move FAR to fast in this BETA.


This map has taken MANY year's to build and even accomplish in this engine, she is built according to the orignal ships floor planes and her line planes and scaled as such was a good guesstimate to feet for this engine. We did our best to develop a measurement system back in the day, and I've applied that here as best I can. The entire ship as I said follows her line plans, so she curves from bow to stern, shes not straight, another small added detail.


Big note : Do NOT touch any thing in this pk3, everything I borrowed from huddizle was done so with permission, please speak with him and I before using our work! DO NOT port this to another game! I will move it eventually and keep adding on as I take it to the next engines Q4/D3 source2 etc. Sorry but I'm not gonna end up with another Cordone situation.


If you would like to learn more or ask/tell me some thing o do with this please PM or skype/email me at NicholasDuncan2010@hotmail.com


Any ways I hope you all enjoy this beta, I need all the info and help I can so please DO NOT BE SHY! I want to finish this finally after 9 years! Thank you ALL for your time and patience and may I finally say.... "WELCOME TO TITANIC!"




What's New in Version 1


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