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Darth Vader - AngelModder (v2.0)

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Texture Author : AngelModder


Model Author : Toshi


Release Date December 25th 2013


Mod name : AngelModders Darth Vader


File size 27mb For full version 11.9MB for Basic


Description - Its rather simple really, I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to mods, I saw that there was yet to be a decent reskin of Toshis Darth Vader. Jedi Knight Jedi Academy has had for to many years some pretty crappy Darth Vader models, and even worse yet the reskinns on them. So I set out to make the one Vader skin to rule them all. Very little detail was compromised on with this project. You have 2 default options normal, and ghost, as well as red and blue team. You also have a Darth Vader species with 18 heads 12 legs and 30 torsos totalling out to 6480 different combinations of Darth Vader.

This was a LOT of work, in total it took over three weeks to pull off, the last of which was fine tuning and t echnical setups. This is my first publicly released skin. so I wanted to make an impression and a statement of the kind of quality you can expect from me in the future.

I hope to reskin Almighty Girs Darth Revan model soon as the ones on it look more like a template place holder.

I really hope you all enjoy this skkin, I've enjoyed making it and will enjoy using it!


Installation - Unzip the Am_DarthVader.Rar file to your Jedi Academy Game data folder.


Notes - This comes with a hilt which overwrites default 3, it has a no stance (though unless its uploaded to the server and other clients have it they see you standing in normal red/yello/blue) and a whole new set of sounds for it! It overwrites single_3 which is a hidious s aber no one in there right mind with any taste uses LOL XD!


Before you edit this in any way! I spent a lot of time reskinning this model pretty much from scratch, do not use, redistribute, or modify my work in any way for this or any other game or platform style... Make it your self from scratch as I did!

If you wish to modify the model please contact Toshi, as thats on him, but my textures are off limits.


Any ways I hope you enjoy!





This mod is not created/owned/suppourted by "Raven tm, Disney tm, LucasArts tm. or any of their affiliates."


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There's always Ambron's Revan on Moddb here's a link http://www.moddb.com/games/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic/addons/jka-kotor-pc-pack  unless you want to see how good someone can create a replica of him, since this one is ported but still perfect.

the ported model is as good and accurate as were gonna get cause well duh its from the acctual game. the only problem with it is none of them have ever been PROPERLY weighted, and it would be cool to see some mask-less options.

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Well, ported models are illegal and won't be hosted on this site. Hence my request for an original model. There would be ample opportunity to improve the KOTOR model that way anyways if it was done.

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Well, ported models are illegal and won't be hosted on this site. Hence my request for an original model. There would be ample opportunity to improve the KOTOR model that way anyways if it was done.

Wait you mean this one is ported? :  http://forums.filefr...evan-w-i-p.html

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No, that's a reskin of Hapslash's Anakin. There's a big KOTOR pack on moddb, entirely of ported models.

Do you know where I could download this. I think it's awesome!!

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then, are you going to make it for SP, please, some people play more sp than mp





Pd: I'm spanish, i can have some mistakes

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@AngelModder I've made bot support for your model/skin. :) You want?

Yea Pm me, I'm putting together an updated version of this to add that and npc's as well as fix several errors I've recieved reports on, and a critical crash problem for myself and other folks that we didn't encounter during preliminary testing.

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