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Hey everyone, now I know you have been waiting for this in a long time, dont forget its a version 1 so it has some bugs here is a list of them


1 FPS is a little low in the clone room (I cant really do a lot about that but I will try).


2 parts of the map show through the sky box whilst standing on Jango's landing pad.


3 Layout - I will alter the layout of Kamino for version 2 so that things are closer together.


4 The locked doors in this version will lead to other areas in version 2


So If you guys can put those little things aside for a while and enjoy this version until I get version 2 out that would be great!!


Anyway, now for the details; I used terragen to make the sky box images I tried to make them as kamino as possible but I think I may tweak them for version 2 (I hope to have a moving sea too). I would say that 85% of the textures in kamino are custom and I made them using photoshop 7.0 and made use of several of the pluggins there for effects, such as making the black non solid ;) (gothixc I am sure you will be pleased LOL).


I have used two custom models in this map; the excelent Jedi Starfighter and the wicked slave1 both of which I got permission to use and I have included the readmes that came with them in this pk3. One thing I must say though is that as the slave1 modle was textured as bobba's version I retextured it to silver and blue, its not such a great texture job but never mind.


There are a few doors in this map that must be opened using the force, if you remember in Episode II Jango cuts the line and Obiwan falls down and manages to grapple that ledge/walkway, well I included this area so when you are on Jangos landing pad be sure to re-enact this scene!! the door on that walkway is made so that you have to use the force to open, once opened it takes you to a lift that will rise back up to the top of the pad ;)


Anyways I hope you guys enjoy it - I enjoyed making it I hope its what you were expecting, after all its just a map!


Version 2 coming soon!! (version two will mainly be for AOTCTC)


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This was the map that got me started in making my films... When this map was first released, I knew that we had a map robust enough to be our main focus and not get dull. I still remember my college roommate and I eagerly waiting for it to load the first time, and being blown away by what we saw. So many interactive features, such great atmosphere, and so many possibilities.

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