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BlueIce Nightfall (v1.1)

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BlueIce Nightfall


Probably the map I am most proud of - it's been a long time coming, I just wish Id finished it several years ago when the community was

still more active, but better late than never! Think of this as a sequel to BlueIce Twilight, its set in the same world after all but

this is a more dense settlement, yet cozy and warm, away from the harsh weather of the world.






Bot Support: Yes

New Textures: Yes

New Shaders: Yes

New Models: Yes

New Sounds: Yes




MSN: szicovii@gmail.com

E-Mail: szicovii@gmail.com

AIM: Szico VII




BlueIce Nightfall (v1.1)


New Textures: Yes

New Sounds: Yes

New Models: Yes

New Scripts: Yes

Bot Routing: Yes

Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel, CTF (All FULLY Supported)


Brush Count (inc. ASE models and patches): 23,278 (~60,000)

Entity Count: 2021

Active Build Time (vs. Total): 4months (3 years)

Compile Time: 30mins



Map Installation : Unzip the contents of the zip (BlueIce Nightfall.pk3)into your Jedi Academy/GameData/Base directory, and you're all set to go! REMOVE any previous versions of this map before you play.



Source Files: Unzip the contents of BlueIce Nightfall Source v1.1.zip into your Jedi Academy/GameData/Base folder and add 'blueice_nightfall' to your shaderlist.txt




// Features: //


-Interactive Scripting.

-External Lightmaps.

-Q3map2 Bumpmapping.

-Wardrobes to Narnia ^_^.

-Interactive Environment.

-Cogwheel Lifts.

-Full support for FFA/TFFA/CTF/Duel/Powerduel.





RoboPhred - Scripting, constant testing and general advice.

Silverwest - Original JK2 Firefly effect

The developers of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - For creating a great inspirational work (Verschneit) to base this map on.

JKHub - For development support and file hosting!

Filefront Forums - For development support.

Harry Gregson-Williams for the audio track ("Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus" - The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe OST)



(All efforts have been made to trace holders of original material, but if anyone has been omitted, I apologise.)














Known Bugs:


- Bots will very occasionally get stuck (they will however sort themselves out within 10seconds.)

- Bots occasionally get crushed by the cogwheel lifts or doors.





Probably the map I am most proud of - it's been a long time coming, I just wish Id finished it several years ago when the community was

still more active, but better late than never! Think of this as a sequel to BlueIce Twilight, its set in the same world after all but

this is a more dense settlement, yet cozy and warm, away from the harsh weather of the world.


I included source files in this map, because I basically thought,'What the hell, why not!' However I would appreciate, seeing as I've released the source

materials out of good will - that people respect the guidelines below:






This includes:

- Textures

- Model textures/shaders

- The Map itself


(You can however use them for learning purposes, or get my permission if you want to publish edited files

I have nothing against you editing these files for your own progress.


If you want to use any of these, ask me first!


You can however, use freely, and without my permission:

- Original models, but not the new skins/textures.

- Shaders

- Scripts


What's New in Version (v1.1)


  • - Fixed missing patch on underside of wall by the river grate.
  • - Optimised and fixed a broken botroute path.
  • - Replaced global door scripts, doors now open 2-way and should not show buggy areaportal behaviour.
  • - Fixed issue where calling an unreferenced sound in icarus caused unpatched SDK mods to crash.
  • - Minor VIS optimisations.
  • - Removed misplaced brushes in some interior sections
  • - Added clip to some interior walls to prevent getting stuck.
  • - Increased quality of some models (e.g. table plates)

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Having been a part of the testing, I can confirm that this is probably the sexiest JKA map there is. Looks extremely pretty, what with the snow, and the night time (exceptional lighting). I can think of no map that pays better attention to detail. Both the exteriors and interiors of the buildings look very detailed, and realistic. There are even cart tracks in the snow on the road (this is not just a texture, there is an actual indent in the snow), complete with curving track intersections at junctions.


I could go on for ages, but in short, this map is very immersive and awesome to behold, so download it, and explore it yourself!

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It's pure awesomeness!!


I thought you gonna release it as winter comes but the feeling that we can explore it so soon ah there is no words. :D


Well done!



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Completely amazing as always!


It's maps like this that make me want to give up mapping under the condition "why bother." :P


Seriously awesome work, love the lighting and the mood it brings... I would rather play the level void of any NPC's and inhabit the land with my imagination than attempt to wage any conflict... star wars or otherwise. It would start with the exploration of the world as my imagination slowly adds people to the scene like a hallucinogenic movie. Soon it would turn into nonsensical talking to myself as others stray from my entranced state with the thought of "wtf is he doing?" clearly upon their faces.


Long story short ***** or 10/10


Just outstanding in all aspects!

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one issue, you need to animate your grandfather clocks, but rather then that, I compared it to the only other snow level I love from a video game, PC version of 007 Nightfire, the austrian castle, set up in a snowy pine tree filled mountain top, I didnt feel Like I was playing JA at all, I felt like I was in a RPG game, exploring the elements of a frozen cold city. Id deffinatly reccomend this map for anyone, weither its for fighting, or just chilling in, no pun intended

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Looks great man! Glad you finally found the time to finish this up.


Sorry that I was unable to give feedback on this, or even just test it for ya. Though you don't need it as much as some other people do.

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Absolutely loved it 10/10! The doors and the elevator amazed me completely. You have done excellent work Szico I cant wait for that Matrix lobby map!

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Before I start to share those 2 little tiny bug I've found, I have to say this was gougers! I love it, have to play an rp around Xmas on this. (and 5 starts of course)




at this place bots seems to stuck in for some reason :/ (sometimes they randomly died I don't know why, probably they fell of from somewhere I say this just for the record)




there is a tiny little thing floating there every time after I go in from outside, then it disappear. I don't know what it is I guess you just deleted something from there.


Last but not least there is another thing which can't be helped and it's not your fault (it's the game's), so I won't bother you with that.


Anyway I was amazed when I saw the gears rolling!


and just a random question for the end, are the teleporters in the wardrobes have any sequence to follow, or they just teleport you randomly?

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I didn't even think this was using the JKA game until I heard the sound of you landing. It was a immersion breaking moment. It feels like a Winter Cabin I wish I had.

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While playing on this map with clanmates we found a bug where you can go above the clipped area so you are walking above the map and even get access that part which is under that balcony. If ya need I will attach screens later. :)

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I really really really really ***LOVE*** this map! Sure my computer lags as heck when I play it as it's an older one, but to be in this level is pure relaxation. Makes you feel all nice and comfy and cozy. :D Would just wish that it has some mini-minor fixes. :D I downloaded this version, 1.1, and actually the bots still get stuck. They move more than before (especially red team in CTF), but they get stuck behind doors. Also, really feel this map could use some more pick-ups. Health dispensers, bacta, ammo, shields... you know, just some more. :) Would be cool seeing it foggy too (like fog in Hoth - or just Coruscant Streets CTF map fog, though white instead of green - as that fog on that level doesn't blind player when using sniping zoom) as well as in daylight. You think you could do those minor adjustements? I am EAGERLY awaiting your next piece of art! :D Amazing!

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Awesome map :D somebody should make world war 2 mod and use this map for one mission :P (I dont makes mods and models ... i am only good in ideas)

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