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    The pk3 files in this zip include all assets made for the ESA Summer 2021 JKA relay race on the Hekathon block. The screenshots show only some of the assets, as you can see the rest in the VOD of the race. You can rewatch the whole race here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1098077928 I have seperated out all the models (that were made by JO and me) used by the racers named them after the respective player for easy use. (The skins for both JaydenOwem and TaoSky come with the basketball TD model) Also included are: Levelshots - loading screen images from yavin1b to (excluding) vjun1 Supremes - Supreme blasters, demp, Supreme Kyle, Gucci Luke, SupremePO WideAlora - Wide Alora playermodel (replaces alora1 and alora2) BuffRagnos - model, texture and earrape voice lines (to remove earrape, just delete sound folder in the pk3) RoshTTS - all rosh dialouge from yavin1b is replaced with Text2Speech BeachTroopers - Beach Trooper reskin from Lego Star Wars
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