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  1. Costa Del Sol

    This map was made for the 2021 JKhub summer contest and based off Final Fantasy 7 references to Costa del sol from the original game and Crisis Core. Also took influence from the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Some areas in this map are never seen in any version of the Final Fantasy games so that’s where I took some creative liberties. Couple picks ups to be found and some jump challenges for strafers. Map is also fun to fly on or other events.
    Lighting not fully done...wanted to use external light maps and blend the terrain more but ran out of time.
    MJT: https://jkhub.org/profile/4531-mjt/

    Map Info:
    Map Name: costadelsol
    Released: Sept 14th
    Filesize: bsp 20mb
    Version: 1.0
    Build Time: 6 weeks
    Brush Count: 9121
    FFA / TFFA / Duel
    Botrouting: no
    New Music: Yes      (Best to play map with music on!!!!)
    New Textures: Yes
    New Shaders: Yes
    New Sounds: No
    New Models: Yes
    New NPC: Yes  <---- had to remove last min too buggy
    New Skybox: Yes
    Source .MAP file inside the pk3.
    Feel free to use anything SephFF or MJT has made in this map for your own maps made for Jedi Academy. I only ask that you give proper credit. If you want to port the map for a different game, you will need to request permission.
    Tho boat sometimes does not move so requires a map restart to work also if a player blocks the boats movment it will mess up the animations for a full loop cycle of the animation intill it resets on its own.
    Programs Used:
    NetRadiant -20210105
    SephFF Brush work, patches, skybox, custom textures, layout of lvl and structural brushes/details, player spawns, TFFA spawns, transition cam and lots of testing and compiling.
    MJT (CO-Author): Made barrel npc/model light maps and helped with countless shaders, and building tips remaps. Made the terrain and added waterfall and textured itmes in blender for smooth transitions....this dude does black magic.
    mrwonko: Blender tools and Animation/scripting using ROFF in blender of the boat in the water like a boss (black magic)
    Ashurdax: helped clip impossible to clip stairs with their 3ds max plugin
    Somaz: Blender tools and mapping tips
    Niger: Helped with showing me some alpha shader tips and sky box is based a person named ydnar off his shaderlabs 1337
    DarthLekku: Shared with me the shader to get the fish to look all fish like.
    Helena Ravan: Mapping tips and testing found all kinds of things for me to fix
    Shadow: helped with roof and bollard's on the dock and testing
    Szico: Horizon blending / alpha shader tutorial found on JKhub
    Also some ground grass and rock textures came from textures.com
    Place the costadelsol.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder.
    Run map commands:
    To play this map not a server pull down the console with (shift + `) then type /devmap costadelsol
    To spawn NPC /npc spawn barrel_costa


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