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  1. You mean. The kylo, vs rey, and FINN fight, right? Rey never met poe in tfa. Can't wait to play the luke and rey training. I'd suggest to wait until the last jedi comes out to recreate the experience as best as possible. But ya. Cannot wait.
  2. Wow alright. 2 awesome mod questions answered at once! Woo! Not only is the best sp jka mod being remastered, but its getting the ot mod, and a lot more content! Plus, the force awakens mod is still in development? YES. Best day ever for me. My favorite mod and my previously most anticipated mod are gonna be released. The happiness is stronggggg with me!
  3. Whatever happened to the force awakens conversion mod? I was really looking forward to that. Do you need any help continuing it or to at least release a demo or v1? Someone already made a mod where you fight rey and finn as kylo and vice versa during the end duel of tfa.
  4. Thank you so much for replying! I am so happy that this remaster is happening not only because its very unexpected, especially for a mod that hasn't been updated since 2009, but also because there has been a big drought of new, noteworthy, re-playable single player content, and mods. Ever since mods like KOTF randomly ceased development many have been longing for a true Star Wars gaming experience with the incredible combat system of Jedi Academy. Yes, Battlefront 2 EA is coming soon, but even they with their motion capture technology, billions of dollars, and professional coders have not even been able, or attempted to re-create these mechanics. Funny enough saber combat has actually gotten worse over the years. I guess that one programmer is the only that could recreate it for other titles, even though, yes, Battlefront does play differently as a whole. Anyways I cannot stress how excited I am for this mod and as I said, I am an experienced animator, modeler, digital artist in general, and video editor. I have been creating high quality animations, and trailers for years. If there is any room on this project I would be more than happy to create a teaser either by editing together your own rendered animations, or cutscenes using real gameplay, such as the original battlefront 2 did, or I can animate a trailer from scratch using the rigs you've already constructed. Have a great day and keep up the incredible work. May the force be with you, always!
  5. I absolutely love the original movie duels 2 and I play it more than any other Star Wars game or game in general, for that matter. I really, really hope that at least v1 will be released soon, and that you will continue updating it over time adding maps from movie battles 2 as well as more characters, as you already have. Movie battles 2 graphics are beautiful for jedi knight everything from the textures, the sparks, the saber singing, the RGB coloring, and lighting from the sabers, and everything else. I really hope you will release at least a trailer with an estimated release date very soon, because I cannot express how eager I am to replay it with the new beautfiul graphics, last jedi, rogue one, force awakens, and many other new characters that you are adding, and hopefully far more. I am a 3D modeler and animator with over 9 years of experience. If I could contribute in any way, please let me know. I'm mainly just so excited to play this again. Please try to add as many characters and new maps from movie battles 2 as you can, because they have SO MANY different versions of each. I mainly cannot wait to play as kylo, rey, and old luke. I am experienced in blender, maya, 3ds max, ue4, solidworks, you name it. Best of luck, I am really anticipating a teaser and at least a v1 release hopefully by the end of this summer, and I hope that this project will never be abandoned. Please keep working on it and release as soon as you can. OH! I want to let you know that in the original movie duels 2 the "retaking the jedi temple? map ALWAYS crashes either on startup or within 2 minutes of playing. Its the one map that I have never been able to play through fully, so I pray it will be fixed for the remaster. May the force be with you!
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