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  1. Depends, Map or Vehicle? If map you can just take Carrack, click a button and then its hyperspace.
  2. Let's just..Forget about the picture :S Caelum can you remove it ...?
  3. Sure Though I don't use Skype that much I will look into it
  4. DIDI!! I been looking for you everywhere <33 Hi! How are you? ! Add me on xfire, again And well Milamber, There's no jungle-trees i can build here, so
  5. No... I am not longsighted with hate. In a world with war, chaos, selfishness and hate people need to come together and be nice. I don't hate you, infact I never ''hated'' anyone. I just disliked them, but Hi
  6. This looks so epic I can't wait to see how it turns out
  7. I see.. Please excuse my blindness.
  8. Oi, I didn't realise my real life picture was in there, I guess in the stress I just threw everything I got, haha! Well, Exile, I made everything myself. I learned XSI from Marida who teached me how to do this and that. I succesfully removed the nose, took some time. Took Yaleck Vos hair, Jedi Robes and there you go! I do actually need help compressing the .OBJ/.WAV into a real model, if anyone would be intrestead I would be thankful. I honestly got alot of projects going on and I will post more pictures of other models in the future. Thus I do not know how to edit my post....
  9. I thank all of you for giving me this chance, Azatha mostly. She is very kind and forgiving for this. I promise I wont cause trouble.
  10. XSI Mod Tool is properally the easiest modelling tool.... However it is an old program and has a few flaws and dosn't allways keep intact with modern technology. But I do recommand XSI... :S
  11. I wonder how long I can stay here before I get banned....

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    2. Lilliandil


      Wow my attempts to make Jkhub more popular seem to be causing trouble. :s

    3. spior


      I'm faltered that my bot is the first banned account on here. Like a dream come true <3

    4. spior


      ...was nice knowing ya'?

  12. http://jkhub.org/topic/1313-neti-jedi/?do=findComment&comment=14977 Link to my Neti Jedi, thought I would throw that one out there
  13. Beware! A walking tree is being produced! Here's what i've comen up with so far... If anyone's intrestead Newest pics
  14. Indeed! I think I made an admin room on ^gsfan17s place, It was so beautiful, tree houses and eagles spitting out water. Creativity has no end It's so good to see you again!
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