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  1. nah nah, some github repos for no reason got banned just like 2 weeks ago, so microsoft is squeezing out their targets, lol. and lol, idk if its even on any burner anymore, so until then, i stand by my maul, no linux support seen, lol.
  2. futuza, im guessin you havent heard, but moneysoft bought github, lol. there was a mass exodus of devs that went to gitlab, sourceforge and the like, lol. and last i seen, they havent made any linux updates since 0.0.3, lol. and that access request only appears to be for contributions, therefore proprietary code, closed source, no linux support, thy maul of truth hath droppeth, and im backquiet, kek
  3. fakenews, you did too drop linux support, theres demand for linux support and opensource, so go backout with those lies
  4. mcs is a fail, they got stuck on backstupid, dropped linux support and made the code propreitary, so they dont qualify as a jk3 sucessor
  5. wavin JAPP team, i'm unable to spawn npc's despite having the bitvalue on my admin account, i tried enabling cheats, but it appears to be hardcoded. june 28th build of 2017. is there a fix?
  6. Welcome all, i invite you to the Warriors of Honor clan. Here, i am creating a clan where people can play the game the right way, they can ffa, attack, and have as much fun as anyone can handle. here, you can talk freely, whereas you cant talk at all on other servers, or the admin abuses you. there is no censorship in the great hall, in the warriors of honor, everyone has a voice its time to make JKA great again, WHO'S WITH ME! discord: https://discord.gg/xcph3yT server:
  7. lol, i dont believe that for a second, im sure they'll pul a T2 move and call modding illegal, rofl
  8. 2BN350

    JA++ duel troubles

    edit: QSO'ed with the coders via IRC, compiled from source, and it appears to be fixed
  9. greetings old ally, this Korun warrior remembers you
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