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  1. A Game of Senet

    This is a scripted multiplayer version of the board game senet from Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation for JKA.
    The current version needs at least 2 players for it to work.
    The map was just a random idea of mine, it is a lovely game however, so if you want to try something unusual while
    playing JK with your friends, go for it! It can offer some fun for social events as well if pawns are replaced
    by actual players with 2 leaders to move them. (Thanks to Iceblade for the idea!)
    *Game Rules*
    WARNING: Due to an oddity in the game's engine, you should roll about 5-6 times with the dice each time the map is loaded/reloaded before playing in order to make sure the generated numbers are random; otherwise the first few numbers will always be the same.
    At the start of the game, each player chooses their pawns (Red, Green, Blue or Orange, Brown, Yellow). Then they
    must roll with the dice (a button in the middle) to get a starting number. The player with the bigger number
    rolls first.
    Once the first roll is done, the player must choose a pawn to move (by pressing USE on one of the coloured tiles).
    There is an ingame hint that indicates the direction the pawns are going, but you can check the included jpg as
    well. Once the first player finished his turn, the second one rolls and so on...
    If you roll 6 or your pawn moves to a special tile (every 4th tile with a darker texture), you get an extra turn.
    Be warned that two pawns cannot occupy the same area: if you move your pawn where your opponent's piece is,
    it will be sent back to the start. If it is your own pawn however, you will have to choose another one to move.
    You need an exact number to move your pieces to the goal. If it so happens that you cannot move any of your pawns,
    your turn ends. Then your opponent can choose whether he wants to reroll or use the same number you rolled.
    The game ends when a player takes all of their pieces to the final tile.
    Have fun!


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  2. The Valley of the Jedi

    Author : Zachry D'Kana
    E-Mail : zachrydkana@gmail.com
    Website : http://valleyofthejedi.boards.net/
    Files Included : the_valley_of_the_jedi.pk3 ; votj_pack.pk3
    File Size : ~100 MB together
    Date Released : August 28th, 2016
    Description :
    This is the official map of The Valley of the Jedi JA community. We are a group of people who play to have fun
    and train together, and so the map caters to the needs of a training facility.
    The design was heavily inspired by Raven's yavin style from JO and JA;
    in some cases I used the original brushes as basis to make people remember the atmosphere
    of jk2 (for example the hangar or the duel room from yavin_temple).
    Included areas are:
    * A centred Spawn Area for easy and quick access to the rest of the map.
    * A Dueling Area, with 2 rooms for 1on1 training and a third one for the usual sparring. Also a combo pad
    from the_academy_v3 map by Virtue.
    * A Bottomless Pit (inspired by the academy maps by Virtue) with the soon-to-be-famous Jaina Launching Pad
    * A Hall of Fame, including members that have been with VJ for a long time
    * A Hangar (from jk2 yavin_temple)
    * A Class Room (inspired by the jk2 yavin_temple class room)
    * A Drone Room (for aerial training, connecting to the Class Room)
    * A Duel Theory Room with scripted NPCs for training
    * An NPC room containing the members' NPCs. NOTE: It is possible to pit NPCs against each other by using
    the green/red switch to change between spawning player friendly and enemy NPCs.
    * A huge area outside the temple with a dueling mat. (May experience fps issues.)
    * A Ceremony Hall (Inspired by jk3 academy6)
    NOTE: There is a huge window with an areaportal that was placed in to improve framerate yet still keep it
    possible to experience the outside view from the hall. Keep in mind that although the window can be toggled on
    and off, the areaportal will be removed the first time the window opens, causing a drop in FPS. Therefore,
    the window should only be opened for celebrations or other events when low FPS is not an issue.
    It's not an elegant solution, BUT duels in the ceremony hall are now possible at least.
    * A bar, (inspired by the bar from y4_temple1 by Thrust) containing many posters and inside jokes from VJ as well
    as a Corny Corner with corny joke terminals. Be warned: the jokes are horribad
    The area also has a dance floor, and some private booths (from ffa3).
    * A Balcony (from mp/ffa3)
    * A Medbay
    * A little shrine before the main elevator (The Force blesses those brave enough to step in front of it!)
    * An Armory (next to the Class Room)
    * An Admin room with switches to lock down certain areas, change the map music and a restart button
    Entrance possible through teleport (coordinates: -2440 159 6232 0) or... well, that's a secret!
    * A D'Kana shrine
    To say thanks to my Master and my Padawans for being so awesome. (Yes Prot, your dream has come true )
    I must also mention that the shrine was built In Memory of Those who died on account of SWITCHES.
    * Secret areas and some intentional map bugs (because who doesn't like map bugs?? =] )
    * The map music contains some of our recordings/compositions. (See Music for more info)
    * Some of my artworks can be found throughout the level, most notably the bar and the D'Kana shrine.
    After 9 months of hard work, the results are finally here! Have fun everyone! :]
    Unzip the *.pk3 files into your GAMEDATA/BASE folder. Note that there are 2 files but
    only the_valley_of_the_jedi.pk3 is needed to play the map. The other file is optional, it
    contains extra models and skins that were made for the community. Although not necessary,
    it is recommended that you install them for the full experience of the map. It will modify
    some of the basic character textures, so if after the install you notice any changes you
    would like to revert, just remove the votj_pack.pk3 from your base folder.
    votj_pack.pk3 also includes a fix for Vladarion's memorial on the_academy_v3 map.
    *Final notes*
    The map has been a great challenge as it was my third official map and the first map I made for a community.
    As such, it required a lot of learning on my part for which I'm very grateful. Basically, the VJ map wasn't only
    about mapping in radiant, but it operated with a wide range of skills: architecture, image editing, skinning,
    modeling, scripting, learning in-depth about the q3map2 compiler, lighting, shaders, hinting, texture-blending,
    EasyGen, composing music and a couple of other things.
    Sooo.. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the project, especially the tons of tutorials made by various
    people on many different topics that ultimately made it possible for me to learn new things and go forward.
    *Additional Credits*
    Dash Starlight, for taking the initiative with the whole VJ project as well as providing continous support and
    Jaina D'Kana, for her ideas and support. (Like the mountains around the temple that made me redesign the map from
    scratch ) Credit also goes to her for the 'not wanted' poster and the idea to build intentional bugs in the map.
    Iceblade for making the Jedi Haircuts poster and the Starlight's Cantina sign, and providing technical support.
    Pala D'Kana for recording his trumpet play for the map music in the Across the Stars theme.
    Also thanks to him for doing some polishing on the holo plaques. (The old ones are still good for one thing though:
    if you can read them, you don't need to wear glasses.)
    Reborn for his eagle eyes to spot unintended bugs in the map.
    Proteus D'Kana for the shrine idea, even tho it started out as a joke. Well, I guess the punchline is that I
    actually built it.
    Keldaron for his 'easter egg' ideas.
    Beta testers: Dash Starlight, Pala D'Kana, Reborn, Jaina D'Kana, Iceblade, Zhan D'Kana, Proteus D'Kana
    You are all awesome! *hugs*
    Map music:
    00:00-01:08 The Force Theme (flute variation by Zachry D'Kana)
    01:09-01:54 Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order (Star Wars Clone Wars)
    01:55-04:03 The Jedi Steps (Episode VII)
    04:04-05:28 Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order (Star Wars Clone Wars)
    05:29-07:33 Across the Stars (Episode II cover by Pala D'Kana and Zachry D'Kana)
    07:34-12:14 Yavin Explore (Jedi Outcast)
    Cantina music:
    Iziz Cantina from Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II
    Ceremony music:
    The Throne Room from Star wars Episode IV


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