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  1. *Noob Disclaimer* So i compiled openJK for the first time using cgame and VS2017 to play with some code, and when i try to test the .exe i get a "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000007b)." error. all of the output files had an additional extension to their name which seems wrong as well. ex: openjk.x86_64.exe and cgamex86_64.dll as opposed to openjk.x86.exe and cgamex86.dll, which is what i'm used to seeing.
  2. Was wondering if anyone has managed to get japro or even just other code mods like japlus to work on jk3 touch, the Android version. Parts of japlus/japro seem to work, such as the additions to the menu, but the added cvars of these mods don't work.
  3. I just realized that i made a slight mistake in the bindings template, so I apologize. I fixed that and I also added menu sounds ^^.
  4. edit: not sure why that posted twice
  5. This is really great. I'm actually making something very similar to this for JKA right now, but with more features. Until now i thought my idea was original, haha.
  6. I agree. there's a few mods that have it, and a few clients that make it easy to set it up, but either way it's rather silly. Also, I'd like to make a note that this config still can't start recording as soon as you join the game. You need to /exec your config first, which most people do anyway as soon as they join.
  7. Version 1.1


    Everyone has had moments while playing Jedi Academy where they find themselves wishing they had been recording; whether it's something awesome or hilarious. With this in mind, I decided to make an Auto-Record script last night, and it turned out pretty well. The basic idea is to be constantly recording whenever you want to. Here are the current main features: -On/Off functionality -2 different save modes -Save Slot Selector Overall, it's pretty simple and to the point, you don't have to have any scripting knowledge to set this up, though if you do, you'll be able to customize your save slots a bit more. Enjoy!
  8. Either way, I'm not trying to discourage this at all, I'm just trying to emphasize that if you want people to take an interest in your mod, you'll want to make sure you pay attention to the details. If you can build off of the original idea of spinmod and create something more practical for servers to actually use then that would be fantastic.
  9. There's already a mod for this lol. It's an underdeveloped mod called "spinmod", though I'm not sure if there are any public downloads for it. Also, if you're not very knowledgeable of the actual strafe physics of quake 3 then I would leave this task to someone else, because a lot of pro-level strafers such as myself will not appreciate it if you screw up strafing haha. edit: and if you're trying to find something to start with in your coding endeavors, I wouldn't start with strafe physics. they're quite a bit more complicated than most people realize.
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