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    japp does not compile

    Yes. Only reason I chose VS was because I had Resharper Ultimate for convenience. I've switched to Codelite and am having zero issues . I'll stick with this.
  2. Zabuza

    japp does not compile

    I'm having the same issue and have applied the above steps. -Windows 10 -MS Visual Studio 2013 Enterprise (Running as admin)
  3. Hey there, Does anyone know of a way to remove the lightsaber weapon via an entity or icarus script? What I want to do is only have the disruptor rifle when I spawn (getting the disruptor during spawn is not an issue). Here's what I have so far: set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_WEAPON", /*@[member='weaponx']_NAMES*/ "WP_NONE" ); set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_WEAPON", /*@[member='weaponx']_NAMES*/ "WP_DISRUPTOR" ); I have it set up to trigger this when I respawn. However, I still have the saber. When I scroll over to the next weapon (the disruptor), I cannot switch back to the saber (which is good but I really dont want the saber to begin with). Any and all help is appreciated! Edit: also SET_WEAPON drop does not drop the saber. And I have also tried disabled the saber with g_weapondisable. Cheers, Zab
  4. Fixed. Instead of using my custom shader I used the shader "camera" in the ... camera folder. Herp derp
  5. Hey there JKHub community, I am having troubles getting a "camera" to work with misc_portal_surface and misc_portal_camera. The camera will be used to look upon another part of the map. So far, I can get a mirror to work but the camera isn't. What I've done: I have the portal_surface pointing towards the portal_camera and the portal_camera pointing at a target_position. The portal_surface is 32-64 map units away from the mirror shader The brush that contains the shader is textured with the system/nodraw texture except for the surface facing the player. Here's the shader I'm using (and yes I know it says mirror but it should still work with a camera ): textures/testmap/mirror_test { qer_editorimage textures/testmap/qer_mirror2 portal q3map_nolightmap { map textures/testmap/qer_mirror2 blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA depthWrite } { map textures/testmap/screen blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_SRC_COLOR alphagen portal 2048 } Any and all help is appreciated!
  6. Greetings JKHub community, I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the physics clip brushes that make up the z95 fighter at the spawn on t3_hevil. I have tried decompiling the map to a .map as to remove the brushes. However, I have obtained leaks and missing textures (which is what I expected when decompiling). I know this is possible as I have seen it done on some servers in the past and I hope to use it as a prefab for a Lugormod server. Any and all assistance is appreciated! Edit: Here is the batch file I used to decompile, if it is of any help: "J:/gtkradiant/q3map2.exe" -convert -format map -v -fs_basepath "J:/Jedi Academy/Gamedata" -game ja "J:/gtkradiant/t3_hevil.bsp" I have also tried different versions of Radiant but still no luck.
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