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  1. Man I wish someone did, it would have been interesting to see. It's a shame that the game isn't what I used to be 5 years ago. Miss you all |EK|Wolf[HM]
  2. As Aldro said, I have seen some servers with activity. Not as much as it use to be but there are some.
  3. I do quite miss this game, spent many hours after class hanging out with my, now retired, clan The Exiled Knights. Made lots of good friends, praying one day either a remaster or a new Jedi Knight game releases. Would love to see the community back to how it was years ago. To anyone from EK reading this. I miss you, hit an old man up and say hi. Much love everyone, might pop into a server once and a while. Have a good one!
  4. This post made me sad, seeing Cheer and Haldir's names. Gosh I miss those two and I miss EK. Our forums went down and our server is gone. Now I'm waiting for a new Jedi Knight game which we all know will never come. Sad day indeed.
  5. Whats on my mind? Hmmmm, Right now, nothing.

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      Heh, Same here in a way.

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