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  1. What about the regular Jedi Academy experience, though? I haven't gotten into Movie Battles yet.
  2. A part of me is hopeful that becomes a full-blown thing. Being able to watch the pre-rendered cutscenes in a much higher quality would be awesome!
  3. I understand this is not the request section, but I currently have no access to it. And I was really hoping that someone could help me with something. For years I've been playing as the same "Jaden" character--a female Zabrak. Just recently I noticed that the armor combo I used to go by doesn't fit in that much due to the colors. I was wondering if someone here could touch up the leg piece in order to better match the chest one? I really have no skills whatsoever in modding and wouldn't even know on how to start. I was hoping that someone could touch up the pants and exchange the "brown-ish" like features to something that better matches what's present in the chest piece. Messing with the colors from above doesn't really change much.
  4. I've been away for a long time and was hoping to get back to the series. I used to love Academy quite a lot a few years ago and never got a chance to fully finish Outcast either. But I'm curious, how are these two games doing in terms of popularity?
  5. Ah, good to know! Thanks for the heads-up!
  6. Hey there. So, yeah... I'm new here. I was hoping to post a few threads in some of the sections in the forums but it seems I don't have access to do it? Or perhaps said channels were locked? I'm unable to post any threads or even comment on existing ones as they are locked. Oh well, I'll give it some time. I've been a SW fan all my life and I'm mostly a fan of the old canon rather than the one Disney is controlling at the moment. Jedi Academy has been quite the fun experience over the years.
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