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  1. Hi, this would be caused by file issues. Either the files are not loading in the correct order, or there's another mod interfering with things. Outcast's files need to be overwritten by Academy's and so must load first - see installation notes. The patched files provided in the download need to load last since they fix various shader files and textures. If you're running other mods, I'd try disabling those Hope that helps.
  2. Howdy, Kyle's sound files had to be renamed to fix conflicts between JO and JA. The scripts in the port of JO call the renamed files, and if you look at the mod PK3 you can see the renamed files in there. To fix this, you would need to take your JO spanish files and rename them to the same ones used in the mod.
  3. Afraid not, Kyle uses the JK2 skeleton in most cutscenes, though you could replace this NPC's model with a JK2 skin. Editing the source code is not something I wanted to do with this mod. The idea is that it's something that works with the base games, though unfortunately this does have some limits. They're not as they're not in Jedi Academy to my knowledge. They are not necessary as the saber or gunfire can be used as a substitute, but it's not ideal. You can use any saber you want, though it will reset upon starting a new level since the correct saber is scripted at the level start. If you use a standard saber model you should be able to use these saber styles. The saber types added in the mod are for the purpose of restricting saber styles since Academy does things different to Outcast.
  4. Version v1.00a


    This mod changes the Jedi Outcast campaign so that it will run under Jedi Academy. In particular, it fixes almost all the shortcoming of other similar mods: Players do not skate on the water on yavin swamps and yavin canyon. AI generally navigates correctly Cutscenes work Objectives correctly function ============================= = INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS = ============================= Within the ZIP file you downloaded, you should see three files: jaooutcast(version number).pk3 - the core of this mod, containing most of the assets needed to make this work outcaststrings(version number).pk3 - this contains the briefing files and various other strings related to the mod jao_map_ents.zip - the ENT files for use with recompiling the outcast maps. Most of you will want to ignore this, but I've included the files if you wish to look at how something was accomplished, or perhaps if you want to further edit the maps yourself. I've also included the uncompiled script files in the jaooutcast PK3. Installing is a pretty easy process: 1. Move outcaststrings.pk3 and jaooutcast.pk to your Jedi Academy base directory. 2. Rename your Jedi Outcast asset files in order to load before Academy's asset files, and copy to your Jedi Academy base directory. Personally, I renamed the JO files from asset#.pk3 to aJK2_#.pk3. As long as the game loads them first, you're good. 3. Once you have loaded the mod, select New Game from the main menu, and choose between playing the Jedi Academy campaign, the Jedi Outcast campaign, and the Jedi Outcast demo level. The mod has only been tested on Jedi Academy v1.01 and using Jedi Outcast v1.04 source files, but the chances are if you're reading this then you've already them. Right? ============================= ======= WHAT IS THIS? ======= ============================= Well, I assume you aren't seriously asking this question, but hey, nothing wrong with telling you something you already know. This mod fixes Jedi Outcast's campaign to run under Jedi Academy, and also eliminate various file conflicts between the two games. The intent is to remain true to the gameplay of Outcast as best as the engine allows, while providing the player with the improvements from Jedi Academy, and a few tweaks to the balancing in the interest of fun. Players who have downloaded other attempts at converting maps from Outcast to Academy may have noticed several shortcomings. This mod has fixed those; AI will generally navigate the map correctly, there is full support for objectives, and cutscenes will (mostly) work with a few minor changes where necessary. Oh and no ice skating on yavin swamps and yavin canyon! ============================= ========== CHANGES ========== ============================= While I've tried to preserve much of the gameplay -- you won't find new enemy types from Academy in here -- there are a few gameplay changes from the original campaign: * On ns_starpad, you're now required to destroy the turret attacking Lando. Something players were likely to do in practice, but weren't forced to. * Various equipment items from JO have been removed from the maps since they are not functional in JA and/or cause crashes. Occasionally concussion rifles have been placed instead. * Kyle gains Force Sight, Force Absorb, and Force Protect in line with his abilities in Jedi Academy. * Kyle's force power gains are accelerated, partly for balance, but also so the player has more opportunity to use several abilities, unlike base JO where some were gained very late in the game. In particular: ** Saber Throw L3 is reached on doom_comm, 5 levels earlier ** L3 Speed/Push are reached on cairn_bay, 3 levels earlier ** L3 Grip is reached on cairn_dock1, 3 levels earlier ** L3 Lightning is reached on doom_comm, 3 levels earlier ** L3 Saber Defense is reached on cairn_assembly, 3 levels earlier ** Jump/Heal/Mind Trick/Speed/Saber Offensive are unchanged ** For the new force powers: L3 Sight is reached on cairn_bay, L3 protect on doom_detention, L3 absorb on doom_shields * Additional objectives have been added on ns_starpad to make it clearer to players where they should be going next. * There are also a few minor bugfixes from Outcast. * The door puzzle at the end of doom_detention has been removed, since the changes to pathing resulted in Jan getting stuck, and the player being unable to progress. * Due to engine limitations, the fight with Galak on doom_shields is impossible to replicate from Outcast. I've tried to salvage it as best I can, but it can't really compare to the original. * The gravity is no longer disabled on doom_shields after defeating Galak, due to engine limitations. * Obviously, the player also has access to the new features and moves introduced in Jedi Academy. On the downside, so do the saber-wielding enemies you face! * On artus_detention, the warden will now walk significantly faster. An explanation of the force power changes: Kyle's ability to deflect blaster bolts is significantly reduced from Jedi Outcast, so L3 Push/Pull/Saber Defense are gained earlier to compensate. Saber Throw is now gained at the same time as L3 Saber Offense, mostly so you have a chance to use the damn thing. 9 levels in Jedi Academy vs. 1 (plus a boss-only level) in base Outcast! Grip and Lightning progression provides the player with more offensive capabilities, but also to allow the player to use them more. The world didn't end because you could max them both out very quickly in Academy. Absorb/Protect give the player more choices in how they play and reflects Kyle's abilities in JA. Sight can also make the JO levels much easier to navigate, particularly yavin_swamp. ============================= ======= KNOWN ISSUES ======== ============================= Given the *insane* number of workarounds and hack fixes needed to get Jedi Outcast to play nicely with Jedi Academy, it shouldn't be surprising that there are a few issues. I've done my best to eliminate them where possible, but there are always going to be a few. The game has been tested all the way through successfully, though only on normal difficulty, and for JA v1.01. * On yavin_trial, the bryar pistol is hidden away instead of Kyle's lightsaber. Unlike JO, JA cannot handle starting without a lightsaber and then picking it up, causing the game to crash. The other option of starting with the saber and teleporting it away resulted in unacceptable performance issues, so this was chosen as a compromise instead. Just pretend it's a lightsaber. Or pretend Kyle *really* wants his bryar pistol back instead of the blaster pistol from JA. * AI may occasionally have trouble navigating the levels due to the changes to the navigation system between JO and JA. Trying to fix this as best possible probably took up more time than anything else in this mod... * The Lady Luck's gun at the end of ns_starpad does do damage, but will not appear to fire any projectiles. * The ship's gun on doom_detention does not cause any damage, and the player will be unable to blow up the tie fighters using them. * In a few cutscenes where animations from JO are used, the characters in question will not be able to hold items in their hands, due to a handbolt issue when using the JO skeleton in JA. Footstep noises for such characters will also fail to work. * Due to the workaround used to get Jedi Outcast objectives to load in the menu, if you use the map command to jump straight from a JO SP level to a level that isn't t2_rancor, you will still see the JO objectives. Quiting back to the main menu first will solve this. Similarly, if you (for some reason) decided to jump straight from the JO campaign to the opening level of Academy, it would play the wrong title crawl. As a result, I highly recommended you use the menu to launch the correct campaign. * Viewers may pick up on some slight changes to the cutscenes in terms of NPC positioning. Again, this is mostly a consequence of the changed navigation system between JO and JA. * If you cheat to give yourself additional saber styles, they will not work on some earlier levels. Players should also be aware that because saber styles are no longer locked to your saber offense level as per JO, Kyle's saber styles are locked through his lightsaber. If you wish to use additional lightsaber styles, you will need to change your lightsaber model first. For reference, the saber models Kyle uses in the mod are "kyleplayer", "kyleplayermf", and "kyleplayermfs", which allow medium, fast, and strong styles respectively. * At the end of doom_detention, Jan will not follow you all the way out of the detention area. This has no impact on your ability to trigger the final cutscene and complete the level. * Kyle will use male Jaden's healing sound. * One of the grates leading up to a section where you open the roof on ns_starpad cannot be seen from the underside, but can still be destroyed as normal. ============================= ============ FAQ ============ ============================= Where I presumptuously answer your non existent questions! Why did anything need to be changed at all from Jedi Outcast? Almost all the work in this mod revolved around fixing the many bugs introduced by the differences between the two engines. They're similiar enough to make this possible, but different enough such that a huge amount of things get broken. I also felt there were a few opportunities to improve things from Outcast's campaign, but almost all changes are for technical reasons. What's changed from Jedi Outcast? The gameplay additions are mostly minor with the biggest being the slightly accelerated force power gains, and introduction of a few new force powers for Kyle. Cutscene positioning has changed slightly in some cases to accomodate the modified navigation system in Academy, but should mostly be true to the originals. I'd like to contact you, send you hate mail, or profess my undying love for you. where can I do that? You can do so at iamasanguinehipster AT gmail DOT com ============================= ==== CONTACT AND CREDITS ==== ============================= I can take no credit for the fantastic Outcast campaign; all credit must go to the folks at Raven Software and Lucasarts. However, converting the levels from Jedi Outcast to Jedi Academy involved a tremendous amount of work to eliminate the huge amount of bugs. If I'd have known just how much work it would involve, I probably wouldn't have done this! Anyway, if you enjoy this, I'd love to hear your feedback. If you want to email me, either to send your thoughts, or if you'd like to know about a ridiculous and horrible hack fix I came up with (the objectives fix is rather ridiculous), you can do so at: iamasanguinehipster AT gmail DOT com Thanks to the fine people at jkhub.org for feedback and assistance. This mod requires you to supply your own asset files from Jedi Outcast. If you don't own a copy of Outcast, you you can purchase it through Steam at: http://store.steampowered.com/app/6030/ THIS ELEMENT IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD. ELEMENT TM & © LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD. In slightly less legal speak: I don't own the copyright to Star Wars or Jedi Academy/Outcast. I didn't create the original assets the mod is based on. I'm not getting anything for doing this. This is a free mod intended to allow a great game to work with Jedi Academy, with no copyright infringement intended. Thanks for downloading, and I hope you enjoy.
  5. Yo all, After a few months of taking a break, I've recently returned to my project of getting the JO campaign to run in JA, without needing to modify the source code, and without modifying the existing campaign or assets. Aside from a few bugfixes that are preventing progression, my only tasks now are to finish off fixing the cutscene animations, and finish implementing my fix for objectives not appearing in the menu (no need to overwrite JA strings!). Almost every major problem has been solved, and something like 95% of the game is playable. One of the problems I was having before was getting the JO skeleton and animations to work, which is very important for cutscenes. I've figured out a solution for this, by having dedicated models reference the JO skeleton (jk2anims/JK2anims.gla), and recompiling the maps to use a modified ENT file to spawn in the NPCs that use this model, and renaming the animation names in the JO animation.cfg file so that they'll load in JA. So far so good; this has allowed me to fix quite a few cutscenes. The problem I'm having is that handbolt models will not work with models using the JO skeleton (they'll don't show up at all), which is essential for some cutscenes, including the classic bartender scene, and I have no idea why. If you switch your player model to say, "protocol", I did notice that weapons attach themselves to the hands even if most animations are broken since they don't exist, so it seems it is possible for handbolt attachments to work for a skeleton that isn't _humanoid... The other problem I'm having is that I can't get sounds (particularly footsteps) to work with these models. This isn't a huge deal, but does seem weird in some cutscenes such as valley.bsp, where Kyle is walking silently. Any advice on getting handbolts and sounds to work properly? If I can solve these, then there's very little to stop me from finishing this off and releasing it.
  6. I actually wonder if there's a difference in the file format between the two games that causes this problem. When using the JK2 skeleton & model in JA the mesh deforms, even though the model loads without giving any errors. Would be great if I can find a solution to that, since it's the only thing standing in my way in fixing the JK2 cutscenes.
  7. I got the same error when I tried to merge some JK2 animations into the JA _humanoid file because the two were incompatible due to the different number of bones. Sounds like it's trying to do the same thing here; Circa's suggestion should work.
  8. I can't merge the JO and JA humanoid files due to the different number of bones, but I might be able to create some dummy animations. That sounds like it might well be the problem, I'll take a look. And again, thanks very much for the advice. As you can probably tell, I'm making this up as I go along!
  9. Yeah, gave that a shot so that the line was added to the JA _humanoid file and it will not load it at all. Forgetting anything fancy like using a different skeleton/model for a second, the game does not seem to load any animation by that name. Even if it's a perfectly valid animation (I set it to the same as the JA roll for test purposes). Regardless of where the line is... even if it's alphabetized in the file, if that actually matters. And the file with those changes is definitely loading because I swapped a few other JA animations around so I could make sure it was. Have you guys been able to add brand new animations yourselves, rather than replacing existing ones? It seems that anything I add to the file won't get picked up.
  10. Nope, no cutscene specific folders anywhere; we're pretty much dealing with base JA/JO which has all the cutscene animations in the core _humanoid.gla. All the animations needed are in the JO _humanoid file, which as I said is at least being partially loaded. Though with some further testing, I suspect it wouldn't work anyway; it looks like the engine handles the skeletons slightly differently. If you use a JK2 model in JA that uses the base _humanoid it gets converted on the fly (as can be seen in the console) and it works fine. Use a different set of animations, even if it's the JK2 one which matches the skeleton/bones just fine and the model deforms. Though it is pretty funny having the eyes move instead of the mouth or arms or something.
  11. The animations I'm after are in the JO _humanoid.gla, and I did have some success following his tip on the file paths (I set them to _humanoid_jk2). What's really throwing me is the errors I'm getting when I set g_icarusdebug to 1: Example: ERROR: SetAnimUpper: cinematic15_bartender does not have anim BOTH_BARTENDER_IDLE1! ERROR: SetAnimLower: cinematic15_bartender does not have anim BOTH_BARTENDER_IDLE1! The map is spawning the modified JO model, the model loads fine with the modified paths, and the JO humanoid file is loading fine with the modified paths, since when I switch to that model it's overwriting a few animation mods I made to the JA file. But what it refuses to do is load animations that only exist in the _humanoid_jk2 file. The game can see the files, and I can see the animations are defined in those files. So why is it telling me they don't exist... they do!
  12. I'll take a look and give it another go in light of this! Yeah, both the JO GLA and model file had the paths changed so they wouldn't conflict with JA, but I'll try again in light of your comments above. Basically what I'm planning to do is replace the NPCs in the bsp with NPC spawners and use new custom NPCs which make use of the JO skeleton and animations. Since they only appear in cutscenes and are scripted to perform specific animations, I shouldn't have to worry about missing animations which would occur during gameplay. I took a brief look at the source code and in the comments it looks like they rewrote the code for use with vehicles; I figured out a workaround by changing the NPC class. Not ideal, but it still makes for a reasonably difficult fight. However, when the model loads I can see that projectiles don't come from the hand, but from the center of the model. I noticed a similar problem when messing around with the humanoid animations where models were being attached to the hands in the wrong place. Edit: tried editing the paths like above. It did seem to pull in existing JA animations from the file (e.g. the roll animation), but it wouldn't load JO specific ones.
  13. Yeah, I got a similar problem when I tried increasing the path length through hex editing. Keeping the path length the same and modifying it (e.g. _humanoid to _humanJK2) didn't cause any errors, but the animations weren't getting parsed; it found the file and so it would load the model, but wouldn't find animations that did exist in the JO humanoid GLA file. In my case, I think there are also a few differences between the file format, either with models, GLA files, or both (I'll do some testing later), and they need to be converted to work with JA. Galak_Mech from JO is another example. The model doesn't exist in base JA and paths don't need to be changed due to any conflict, but it still won't load the animations correctly. Anyway, I'll see what I cam do with dragon. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. How'd you get it to work? I've been having similar problems myself when importing JO models and animations.
  15. I'm generally sticking to hex editing when I need to do quick tests since it's way faster than recompiling with new entities; once I've got a fix then I properly recompile the maps. It doesn't help that I'm pretty much learning about this as I go; I can add waypoints into the map, but at the moment I've no idea how to get the AI to see them. Is it possible to manually define a connection between them under the entities list? But even if I can't figure that out, I'm pretty confident I can fix most of these issues with scripting changes. When I'm not busy trying to fix all this other stuff!
  16. So I've given up on the waypoints for the time being, but I did come up with a ridiculous hack that gets around Galak not spawning in the map on kejim_base. It only involves editing some text! And as far as I'm aware, invented a new way of setting any cvars you want through the use of a script in the process, even ones that you can't normally modify because there isn't a function.
  17. I'd settle for just getting them to show up in the first place, since the ones I've seen appear to work correctly regardless. This solid_ok flag appeared like it would be a pretty good solution, so if I can figure out what's going on that might help a lot. Modifying the waypoint entities so that the majority of them correctly spawn and changing the scripts to refer to the player rather than Kyle fixes a large potion of the game. I was actually surprised at just how playable much of it was, though it's the additional issues that are causing the problems. The way I see is that a lot of stuff can be worked around, particularly if I understand what it's trying to do and where it's breaking (which is what's taking up quite a bit of time at the moment). I've looked up what others have tried to do, but I don't think I've seen any others who've tried changing the entities in the BSP or otherwise modifying it, since that managed to fix a lot of the weirdness, leaving animation issues due to missing anims. I gave ns_starpad a test earlier actually, and managed to fix Lando getting stuck on the Lady Luck with a few kicks (thank you debug melee). I don't think he was too pleased but it did the job. The gunner sequence doesn't work at the moment, but I'll have a look at the sequence on t3_byss later and see if I can figure out a solution. It's actually been quite an interesting challenge.
  18. I tried that first actually since it can be done with hex editing. I managed to get some of the waypoints to show up in game, but they're not connected and NPCs can't navigate to them. An easy example would be the doors puzzle on doom_detention. I can move the navgoals a little so they show up, but Jan still gets stuck at the same point as before and if you turn on "nav show edges" there's a gap in the path.
  19. Further to my workings in my ongoing effort to get JO maps working in JA, I've been modifying the entities in the BSP which allows me to fix quite a few things. Now that the waypoints are using the correct function, they get picked up by Jedi Academy, but JA refuses to create some waypoints that JO maps need because it thinks they're spawning in a solid. Looking at the source code and documentation, it also appears that a flag was added to allow this to be ignored; the "solid_ok" flag. Great! However, I've tried modifying some of the problematic waypoints to include the flag, such as this on artus_topside.bsp: { "classname" "waypoint_navgoal_2" "targetname" "jan_up_ramp2" "origin" "574 1144 866" } to { "classname" "waypoint_navgoal" "targetname" "jan_up_ramp2" "spawnflags" "1" "origin" "574 1144 866" } But JA still gives the same error, in the case of this waypoint ERROR: Nav(3) in solid: jan_up_ramp2@(574.000 1144.000 866.000) Am I doing something wrong, or is it possible that this flag isn't actually correctly implemented in Jedi Academy (I don't think I've found a BSP that uses it in the original game)? Or is the version of GTKRadiant I'm using incorrect in assigning the flag a value of 1?
  20. mrwonko has it right, sorry if that wasn't clear. Look for those texture names in the bsp, and you'll find the flags shortly thereafter. Change 2 bytes for each map, and enjoy. I figured I'd mention it because I've seen a few posts about that while looking for answers. And it's a lot easier than trying to decompile the map and recompile it!
  21. As an update, I think I figured out what the problem with the briefings was. I've been loading the collection of outcast files I've built as a mod, and I've only just found out that it won't load .STR files from PK3s loaded in this way. I just moved a file from the mod directory to the JA base directory, so I guess it's possible that objectives might work in a similar manner. Will test. Edit: Unfortunately not with objectives. Ah well.
  22. Thanks for the advice. I tested it just now and was able to get it working, so I probably messed up something earlier! Cheers.
  23. Thanks for the response. Yeah, it would make sense if objectives were hardcoded somewhere, because even when adding the JO objectives to the string file it still doesn't pull them in. And yeah by briefings I mean the loading screen texts. The ones I've tried don't seem to be loading, but I have seen others make their own custom ones. Hah, it does feel like a crazy task, but it's surprising what can be worked around.
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